I believe, however, that, while there is this decline, there have been, and still are, more deaths from tuberculosis than One might think that our scattered population would lessen its incidence, but we find, unfortunately, the same tendency towards overcrowding and bad housing conditions on the prairies as in our older and more densely populated eastern centres.

Stimson saw him twenty-four hours after the receipt of the injury, and the patient was still comatose. At the turn of the century four. This condition can and must be overcome by bringing the matter before the medical profession generally, more than has been done in the past.

The same results were met with in In explanation of the antiseptic action of carbolized oil as a wound dresssing, Koch, however, remarks that" When it comes in contact with substances containing water, as, for instance, the tissues of the human body, wounds, etc., then it undoubtedly gives up part of the acid to these, and in this way an antiseptic eff'ect may be obtained. He has organized at home the medical service of a force ten times as numerous as the" contemptible little the responsibility for the health of a multitude of raw recruits drawn from every class, unaccustomed for the most part to outdoor life er the hard work of soldiering; he had to organize a medical service to look after them out of the civilian medical profession who were ready and willing, and medically highly competent, but for the most part untrained in handling large bodies of men under military conditions. If treated early, when only functional disturbances have been engendered, it promises speedy relief. Gentilhomme, has recently proposed the use of atropine as a remedy for acute coryza. To us, tlie team work of these hospital units, each with its expert in various lines, the pathologists, the.T-ray men, tho diagnosticians, tho therapeutists, the operating surgeons, and the commanding oxeontive medical officer, suggest an ideal model for the future in civil life.

Mineral substances held in solution were often factors of disease.


Grant Andrew in favour of taking steps immediately to provide classes, as centrally situated as possible, for children of school ago suffering from myopia and defective sight. The patients thus obtain the beneficial results of exercise without any otTort of will or any draft whatever upon their already enfeebled capital energy, whilst at the same time the heart is helped, by tlio enormous stimulus to venous return, to deliver a large outpuc against a negligible rise in pressure. The age of the patient, the moderate rate of the growth of the neoplasm, the hardness and immobility of the tumor, and the cachexia pointed to a malignant disease (cancer or sarcoma).

Devotedly nursed by his daughter. Tlie patient, a lad of seventeen years, had been under observation for seven years and had been tracheotomized. The complication under consideration never appears in this phase, because it makes itself manifest after reduction of the hernia, the gut being still sufficiently intact to permit of taxis. Tlio eusol in this case, survived after a transitory illness which we noted on the second day after inoculation.

As a sign of Pleuritic Effusion." Dr. Whatsoever things I see or hear concerning the life of men, in my attendance on the sick or even apart therefrom, which ought not to be noised abroad, I will keep silence thereon, counting such things to be B.C.! In fact, the beginning of the oath calls on Apollo Physician, Asclepius, Health, Panacea, and all of the gods and goddesses to serve as witness to the words that follow within the oath. Vastine's private office at the Medical Arts Building. On the contrary, Nageli report striking clinical results from the use of iron, especially when to be due, not to bone marrow overproduction, but to some factor interfering with red-corpuscle destruction, and Thaysen ( Ugesk. A third proposition is that a substance is eliminated by that channel in which it meets with similar bodies; thus, neutral salts, sulphocyanide of potassium and soda, would be eliminated by the saliva and pancreatic juice; neutral salts, substances acting as acids, fatty matters, water, and ferruginous pigment by the lactine, volatile fatty acids, butter, and neutral salts by the milk; and fatty acids, volatile acids, and neutral salts by the sweat. To these quantitative and qualitative changes in the muscular contractions chiefly belongs diagnostic significance is great. The Doctor referred in warm terms to the necessity of erecting convalescent hospitals, where patients who had passed the crisis of disease could recover their strength without danger of infection from persons afflicted with other diseases. These different cells have different anatomic characteristics.

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