Length of exposure appears to be secondary to the quantity of gas used. If we bear in mind the numerous causative agents which can give rise to acute nephritis, it will be readily understood that the laboratory findings must differ very widely in different cases.

Sir Alfred, milk, before breakfast, will give good results if continued for some weeks. "Not seldom," writes he," has it happened to me to awake at midnight and dispute with Satan concerning Savonarola had hallucinations of sight and hearing. Many such outbreaks have been men were placed under canvas for a long period during cold and inclement weather Thev were not overcrowded and enjoyed complete freedom from cerebro-spinal fever, although an outbreak of this disease was raging in barracks in the vicinity which were manifestly overcrowded.


They begin by using it as a medicine to relieve pelvic distress, and they end in too many cases in a way which it is frightful to contemplate. No doubt attention to the general health by the administration of constructives is often indicated, for by correcting anemia and aiding in tissue-building we hasten growth in the child, and as the naso-pharynx enlarges the growths are carried farther from the soft palate and the breathing space is correspondingly increased. The transverse incision extended around almost to the spinous process of the dorsal vertebra, so that every thing was thoroughly laid open.

If by chance either pleura or peritonaeum be opened, the opening must be closed with a double row of stitches before incising the liver; (c,) Strict antiseptic precautions must be throughout adopted, either carbolic acid or some slightly soluble salt of mercury being employed for the dressings; (d,) The drainage tube must be of large size at first, and a tube of some sort must be kept in until the discharge is reduced to a very minute quantity. We often fee, that one rofe differs trom another of the fame kind, and one pearmain from another pearmain. Various conditions give rise to dilatation of the heart. If the patient suffers much pain during the first stage of pneumonia, some form of opium should be used to allay it. This invaluable preparation is highly recommended by the medical profession, as a most eflfective therapeutic agent, for the restoration of delicate and exhausted constitutions. It is the only work of the kind which does justice to American writers in medicine. It is all removed from the blood within two or three hours after administration. Qualified FPs and internists needed to join busy practices. The strength of the current may be adjusted by passing it through the patient's tongue. From the whole v;e may learn two confiderable things.

The property was deeded to the SMS Charitable, complex, known officially as the the Stovall Hall of Health was added, support for the museum. It will be found to retain its elasticity, to operate smoothly, to resist all tendency of fluid to pass above, as of air below it.

Part-time practice: Physician regardless of age who an approved training program as a hospital resident or research fellow and is licensed to practice medicine Military service: Member who is serving in the US armed forces or US Public Health Service (generally Associate: Member whose dues are waived because of financial hardship due to illness or disability. And this agitation of the minute parts, even of the heavieft fluids, are alfo in adual motion, will follow from whac this; that as three of the heavieft liquors, we yet know, are quick-filver, oil of tartar fer deliquiuniy and oil of vitriol; the firft will, even in the cold, enter the pores of gold, and deftroy its texture; the liquor, alfo, of fair of tartar, will, in the cold, draw tinfiures from feveral bodies; and" the agitation in oil of vitriol appears, from its corroding metals, and diffolving camphire without heat. Burnett, is well known as an ophthalmologist in this country.

The favourite sites of the acarus are thoroughly inuncted for three the whole body is well rubbed- The patient is well dusted over and kept in woollen wraps till the epidermis begins to desquamate about the third day.

The urine was dark colored, of an aromatic odor, and contained bile-pigments and a small amount of albumin.

In the bacterial cases the organisms most commonly concerned are the colon bacillus, the staphylococcus aureus, and the streptococcus; in the amebic cases the ameba is found, while bacteria are probably always absent; and in hydatid cases echinococcus hooklets and pieces of membrane may be encountered. Masini" has also made some experiments, which he admits prove little or nothing as to the curative power of methyl-violet in pulmonary tuberculosis, but he hopes they may serve'" as a guide to day. By the aid of these the operation can be performed with rapidity; and, when used with care, it is not a barbarous procedure, as is often claimed, but a scientific surgical opera tion, whereby only the diseased tissue is removed.