That is, I ought to add, if the disease be the one under discussion; since, as I have before stated, there is a local as well as a constitutional fibroid change of the kidneys.

Many bacteriological examinations of cases of both acute and chronic inflammations of the throat, and nearly normal throats, have shown the presence of streptococci and other cocci on the mucous membrane. The hot-water system is preferred to furnace or steam-heating, for the reason that the heat is supplied at a much lower temperature than by almost impossible to heat the air passing over hot-water tubes If one bear in mind the various principles that have now been laid down, there should be no particular difficulty in arranging inlets and outlets, and of so using the method of heating at hand as to be able to obtain pure, fresh atmosphere, to distribute it properly, to breathe it warmed, and finally to remove the impure air. The second class of cases in which anaesthesia preponderates over loss of motion are probably functional, I mean esseyitially nervous, restricted to the nerves, not caused by a hypersemia, nor a local determination of blood, nor a congestion of the blood-vessels, nor by impurity of the blood. I could recall many other occurrences both ludicrous and annoying. In the lower animals, however, this is very rare; the respiratory centres are gradually paralysed, respiratory movements cease, death depends on asphyxia, the pulse continues to beat after the respiratory movements cease. In hepatic disorders I shall always give it preference to other remedies, knowing its Chionia, the hepatic stimulant, is attracting much attention in the medical profession.

Irritation and iaflammation have passed away, there sometimes, remains impaired action of the limbs, imperfect power of uriaation, or occasionally of defecation.

Mitchell against the managers of the asylums of the country are true or not, one fact stands out boldly, and that is that they are by no means up to that high scientific standard set by those conducting the hospital set aside for the treatment of I have carefully examined the reports of the insane asylums of thirteen Southern States, and I find neither in them nor in the medical The American Practitioner and News.

Every symptom had returned as bad as before, but as he was compelled to go to Boston I lost sight of him. Roddick, and for the removal of which he began his labours nearly fifteen years ago, although somewhat modified since then by other circumstances which have arisen in certain parts of the Dominion, still remains and practically prevails throughout Canada. An ounce of acetic acid destroyed a medium-sized dog in an hour; a quarter of an ounce in from five to nine hours; and four or five ounces of vinegar in ten or fifteen hours (Christison on Poisons). Exercise in such circumstances also proves a healthy restorer, improving appetite, and promoting the various excretory functions. During the following month, I saw the patient for the third time.

While we sit on the modern heights of achievement, with boundless prospects before us, it may increase our sense of the loftiness of our climb if for awhile we turn to look at the beginnings. The co-efficient must be given in the blank space left for the purpose in the schedule. Gastro-enterostomy was was given at the same time two ounces of whiskey in warm water per rectum. This new material, which has taken dye well, is studded with many large (swelled?) nuclei. Jean Hill, president of the AMA Auxiliary, has been traveling across the nation urging auxiliaries to join in unity of purpose and action, to help you impact the issues that In the past, when we recognized that people need education to make wise health choices, we worked to make them When we realized that concerned citizens must take a stand on legislative issues that affect health, we became involved. The chief value of the case lies in its history, for the patient being an infant, as the arms only were at first affected, the paralysis might not have been regarded as of serious importance. Neither should it be too large, as it is then wasteful of heat and is liable to cause fire-place and without other attempts at ventilation, it is found, especially when gas is burned in the room, that part of the heat and foul air goes up the chimney and part rises to the ceiling.

I would like to very much, and feel it an honor, if at every meeting of the State Medical Society of Minnesota there should be a paper from the veterinary profession. Separated for a space of an inch, could be felt under the skin; The treatment consisted in making a parallel incision over the tendon, approximating the separated ends with two catgut sutures and sturing the skin wound.