Patient voids this fluid and is now Patient stoops forward, the buttocks well drawn up; the physician's left hand is placed over symphysis, right index finger covered with rubber finger cot is iriserted after lubricating, in rectum.

As to the etiology, repeated search failed to show any tubercle bacilli or gonococci, and there are no evidences of stone.

Under proper precautions and with proper conditions the mere opening of the abdomen for exploration is far less dangerous than waiting in any case where the attendant suspects such a serious condition as perfora tion of a part of the alimentary tract into the The incision should be made in the median line above the umbilicus or slightly to the right, so as to go through the rectus muscle. It is in this sense that the word is used when it is applied to mental, moral, and social phenomena, as, for example, when we speak or write of'epidemic suicide,''epidemic folly.' This employment of the word is consistent with received literary practice.

On removal the tumor proved to be a large ivory exostosis springing from the OS planum of the ethmoid. For example nocturnal enuresis may yield to small doses of thyroid extract, may be made worse bv large doses, may be uninfluenced by either, and may apparently be caused by thyroid treatment for some other condition. Still, this risk is by no means absent, and the treatment by inoculation should be regarded only as a last resource. PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL MEDICINE IN THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL MEDICINE IN THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, (From the Second Medical Division of the Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.) Recent studies with the electrocardiograph on animals under experimental conditions and on the human subject have permitted the separation of a group of cardiac irregularities known as"auricular fibrillation," which is of great clinical importance.

Rule is not taught in medical books: Form patients into classes or companies. He firmly believes all of these cases, when not of ascending origin, to be mild cases of hemic infection of the kidney parenchyma in which the mucous membrane of the pelvis In the first group, or fulminating type of the disease, early nephrectomy ofifers the only chance of life to the patient. When the skin lesion is a pustule the pus must be evacuated and the serum obtained as far as possible from the bleeding edge of the pustule. Although the treatment did not suffice to save the patient's life, the beneficial effects of the vaccine were very marked, while the use of the antiserum was always followed by an increase disease should be recognized if possible in the preeclamptic state, when there is nothing but albuminuria, persistent headache, or edema. Especially full is the discussion of sleeping sickness and its transmission by the bite of one of the Glossina flies, which introduces the trypanosoma gambiense. Although the area would be reclaimed, it is questionable whether the complex mosaic of the current vegetation types could be restored. The best form of syringe for the purpose is one similar to that used for hypodermic injection, made with a screw-piston. These units can be arranged in a stand or frame not unlike a set of drawers or a sectional Properly labeled, the desired unit can be drawn out giving easy access in the shortest time to any portion of a large selection of specimens or the entire collection, and at the same time occupying the smallest amount of space.

When the stimulus is a weak one there is no response; when it is moderately intense the ventricular rate suddenly increases, exactly as is the case with the auricle when that chamber is stimulated. My own experience and study confirm this view.


Infants rapidly part with theh heat, and are easily chilled. The so called twilight sleep method has not found favor with the great majority of leading obstetrical authorities either in Europe or zAmerica, who are too well aware of the uncertain effects of the mixture of scopolamine and morphine, and of the complications which may be caused, to adopt it. I do not pretend to say it is taken up into the system and acts as a germicide, but we do now know that mercury locally applied is a germicide. A second etherization and disturbance of the patient just when conditions are resuming the normal, seem unwarranted, when one considers the good results obtained by an immediate repair. I'hysicians are fathers of schoolboys, and are readers of the daily journals, are they not? W hv should they be the last to learn of so distressing and fatal a habit, especially when the papers have been full of information on the subject ever since the crusade tegan against cocaine snufYs some eight years ago? The family physician ought to be able to detect a drug user during his preliminary inspection of him as a patient, yet special instruction has to be given beginning insurance examiners on this importaiit point. O'Dwyer as an investigator and discoverer in medicine, his character as a man is still more worthy of attention. A murmur may be present, as suggested by Rokitansky, from degeneration of the columnae carneae.

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