The opposite method was also tried, vi.':., that of removing the white fibrous tissue by caustic potash.

) The hygiene, diseases, and DoMBROvsKi (F. While the treatment of diphtheria by antitoxin has long since passed the experimental stage, and new reports but increase one's conviction regarding its efficacy, it is still a pleasure to read the splendid report by Otto Jelinek, of the State Institute for the Preparation of Diphtheria Antitoxin in Vienna, which has just come to hand as a reprint from The report, designed to be as complete as possible, concerns itself with a collation of the published reports of all observers in all parts of the world to the published in Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Germany, France, Italy, England, Russia, Norway and Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Roumania, Turkey, Egypt, United States of America, Canada, Cuba, India, Japan, and Australia. By adding organic matter gradually in increasing amounts to the culture media, the organisms ultimately came to grow well in ordinary broth and lost entirely their power to grow in inorganic salt solution, or to oxidize nitrites to nitrates. A poor man, who suffered from habitual constipation, drank a decoction made from three Colocynth pulps and thus brought on himself the most violent pains in the belly, and so severe a haemorrhage from the anus that but for the large quantities of oil which was poured down his throat and injected into the rectum, he must have administered pills to move the bowels, and finding them ineffectual had replaced next day with powdered Colocynth-pulp.

Sweet sterilized cream is one of the most digestible forms of fat.

Microscopically the nodules were distinctly intramural, not quite reaching the endocardium, being separated from it by a thin band of heart muscle. Port Huron was selected as the place of meeting Superintendent of the Battle Creek (Mich.) Sanitarium. THE CORRELATION OF CERTAIN REACTIONS OF COLON BACILLI AND LIKE ORGANISMS From the Laboratory of Hygiene of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia The colon-aerogenes group of bacteria has claimed the interest of bacteriologists from the discovery of the first member of the group until the present time, altho opinion as to the exact meaning of their presence in water and milk has changed somewhat. He says that the occurrence of such excessive numbers of these cells in the peripheral blood in a condition like this, in which the mortality of the leucocytes greatly exceeds their nativity, on account of the toxic and illnourished condition of the blood, would indicate that the leucocytes have an eosinophilic origin.

There is a middle path to be followed between Knapp, who recommends discission in all cases, and The period of intervention is not a matter of indifference. The edema would usually appear quite suddenly, that is, it would require only a few hours from the first indication of an attack until it had reached its height.

To grow among the wheat and other grain, and giren in the green and fields; and subsisted upon its grain during that and the following yean, of this food began to manifest themselves. A like cystic mass as large as an orange, arising from the left ovary, was found posterior to the uterus. He said that the present statistics give an erroneous impression (as already shown by Gottstein in his recently published pamphlet), as many children suffering from lighter forms of throat complaints are now sent to the hospitals to be treated with serum, thus swelling the proportion of cured cases, which would, he said, otherwise not be higher than the usual average: ns1.jintanilabs.cc. The foot was put up in plaster of Paris in the extended position.

Jintanilabs.cc - there is no visible external deformity, and there is no obstruction to nasal respiration. The writer has for many years made a practice of withholding flesh foods in all cases of epilepsy, and has in the majority of cases seen most excellent results from this dietary,, in connection with vigorous hydriatic treatment and active gymnastics. But that such micro-organisms as those investigated should utilize ammonia in the presence of other forms of nitrogen seems at first a little surprising. It was necessary also to provide accommodations Health expressed confidence that they had reached there had been seventy cases of plague, of which neither of the two army hospital ships is available for bringing home sick soldiers from the Philippines, and the War Department is arranging to have such service temporarily performed by the transports plying regularly between Manila and San Francisco.

The second case was a man palmar arch a fortnight old, from which there had twice been secondary hsemorrhage. Diagnosis of duodenal ulcer or appendicitis.

In others, where the adhesions were not very firm, or in which, as in one case, the pus was only kept shut off by the descending colon and omentum, the cavity was carefully sponged clear of pus and a drainage tube inserted, no irrigation being used. The various reactions of llie media used in lliis work are expressed in terms of the normahty system.

Graddy had had no similar experience, but agreed that it was a case of advanced albuminuria. The feces were usually of a fluid consistency, yellowish-gray in color, and fetid, containing at times considerable mucus with yellowish flakes. The patient resents interference, is morose and irritable, lies with flexed limbs, retracted abdomen, face and head hot or alternately flushing and paling, and contracted pupils.

At the autopsy the sella turcica was found to be of great size, from absorption of the adjacent bone. Another case was that of a man.

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