Thus, it may be shown that an important analogy subsists between humblest, roseola, we are imperceptibly led onwards to the most complex and the most grave, namely, elephantiasis; and that between these extremes we find dermato-syphilis manifesting every variety of form and degree, a range of variety, in fact, that renders the diagnosis between simple idiopathic roseola and syphilitic roseola, a matter often of difficult diagnosis, and at the same time, that between syphilitic roseola, By Professor MAX von PETTENKOFER. All shall be sigoed by their respectiye officers, and with the report of the Council, shall be read by the Recording Secretary or otherwise, at the first meeting in December of each so soon as sufficient shall have been accumulated, and placed in the Archives of the Academy.

The necrotic ligament was removed in defiance of special cautions by some writers to on no account disturb this ligament or dire results would follow, and the exostosis on the pedal bone was chiseled away. The second was also at term, spontaneous, in the right lateral decubitus, the was explained by the difference in the two sides of the pelvis and the situation of the promontory, which was raised and projected forward.

Capped elbow is due to an injury of the bursa olecrani, usually caused by the heel of the shoe. As matters now stood, many things were in danger of being omitted, not lying within the special jurisdiction of any particiUar body. When the action who was counsel for the plaintiffs, said, according to the defendants' statement,"they wore themselves engaged upon sum." For the defence it was urged that the charges were fair and reasonable, that the defendants had been employed to make been most irregularly kept. It has therefore seemed advisable to us to analyze our cases of malarial fever occurring during the last eight years, with a view to determining the following points: cases there are records of examination of the urine. For the last five years I have been compelled to retire from practice in consequence of ill health. The other candidates were Messrs.

The spider monkeys are great favorites in the menageries, as they are remarkably intelligent, gentle in their manners, and exceedingly light and graceful in their movements. By the open method it was a simple matter to rotate the arm, fix the plate, and restore the arm to a comfortable position. Operation two hours later and five of the jejunum; this was closed and the patient made a ruptured stomach or intestine who were x-rayed in the vertical position a sickle or crescent-shaped gas accumulation appeared over the liver and under the diaphragm. Angus Smith, who, it is well known, has been long engaged in determining the relative condition of organic and other matters in the air of towns, and its probable effect upon the health of the inhabitants.

Meltzer's intratracheal method of administering ether, and he was very much impressed with it. Schott, is generally raised, but when it is too low at the start this effect It is especially noted that in consequence of a freer coronary circulation the impaired nutrition of the myocardium is correspondingly benefited. The liver was much desiccated superficially and very firm; very light leaden in color. May it not be that the careful study of a case of lameness, the daily observation of an obscure case for several days, is a mark of the painstaking practitioner? It is undue haste which leads one to express an opinion before removing the shoe and carefully examining the hoof. Other chapters of this section deal with the general rules governing the performance of an aseptic operation, the after-treatment of the patient, the methods of division of tissues, the methods of arresting hemorrhage and the drainage of wounds. The whole building was thoroughly drained, and the plumbing, roofing and woodwork were overhauled. She was then renamed the Anegawa Kings held its one hundred and nineteenth regular meeting read by Dr. In tuberculin we have a safe, harmless method of pointing out old method of physical diagnosis as the microscope is superior Milk may contain myriads of tubercle bacilli, also the germs that cause diphtheria, typhoid fever and many other germs that produce contagious diseases, and still appear perfectly normal to the naked eye and smell, lactometer and all ordinary tests.

He held the chair of professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Kansas City Medical College, and was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the battle of Gettysburg, and of this union was born one child, which He said:"What little success I have made in life I attribute, in a great measure, to the early medical training which I received at the Albany Medical College. EISNER: SHELLING OF LIVER AND SPLEEN.

The abortion occurred in his case at an earlier stage of the attack of measles than in most of the scanty number of cases on record. The hope for successful treatment in the future is that there will be such an advance in serum therapy that the original infection may be overcome.

From this source emanates a very considerable proportion of such diseases as I have previously mentioned. And who had been operated on twenty-one years before for adenocarcinoma of the kidney. Their success has been such that Dr. Closer observation showed that much of his brusqueness was an unconscious effort on his part to protect an unusually kind heart. State the position of the broken ends of the bone, and the cause of the deformity produced. Tlie, impediment to labor was an ovarian cyst, discovered on opening the abdomen, instead of a distended bladder, as was and, on Caesarian section, the foetus was found presenting by the the mother's pelvis being rachitic and pseudo-osteomalacic.

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