And then the unfolding bud! There is exquisite modesty in its diffident advancement from the sepals which protect, even as the wise mother guards her beautiful daughter until the tender heart can bear the glance of a powerful but kind and generous sun, which might unwittingly do it a harm.

Her industrial and intellectual expansion could be confined in no pent up Utica. In this manner fifty pages of fresh material have been added to the work. A'r dderwen fendigaid, amcan o bob un, ag o lysiau'r gerwyn bedair amcan, a'u berwi mewn a'u cuddio o win gwynn, ag yfed llwnc syched bob hwyr a phob bore, a thi a gai wellhad; yf hwn yn gyntaf o'r bore, ag yn ddiwethaf y nos, naw bore i waredu'r cylla, yna dod wrth y droed neu'r law olwythyn trwch banner modfedd o gig eidion ffres, a hyn a'th Iwyr dwr ony phanno draian, yna ei bidlo; a bwrw gwraidd y melottai wedi ei asglodenu'n fan ynddo, a berw dracbefn, ag arfer a liwnnw yn dwym y nos, ag yn oer y bore, ai gadw berw yngbyd mewn mel, a gwna'n gyfletb, ag arfer o hwnnw nos a bore, yn gyntaf y bore ag yn ddiwetbaf y nos. I helped him up to tiie quarter-deck, and a doctor came to him and badly wo;uided sleeping close by me there He had lost the power of his right arm; he had to him. His original description was from an old-standing case examined clinically, and he supposed that the accident was caused by a forcing apart of the tibia and fibula by a rupture of the interosseous ligaments, so that the astragalus was impacted between them. Its nose is not sore, but looks very pale. In animal foods, on the contrary, the protein is present, for the most part, either in relatively concentrated or in relatively digestible So far, there ore, as our present knowledge goes, we are Justified, from the standpoint of metabolism, in considering animal and vegetable protein as being of about equal value, both being assimilated, so far as can be determined, in the same way. Tyrrell, Frederick Obadiah Williams, Thomas Scott, William Curtis Newton, William Henry Areson. This view, carried to a logical conclusion, presupposes matter. Any powder sufficiently gritty for a tooth-powder certainly should not be used The"Response to letters received from the Laity" that is being published in hundreds of the medical journals and magazines of this country opens up a subject of vital interest to the medical practitioner; and if more of the manufacturers would maintain the same attitude toward the laity that is taken by the Chas. Daturine may be used after have been taken. The proposition must be presented for a second reading, at which time it will be definitely voted on when, it is to be"In a personal communication to your correspondent, Dr. A sharp, forward curve develops in the lumbar region. The effusion preserved in this manner and examined within two hours seemed to contain no definite figured elements. The types of chronic disease seen in this group, such as diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension, have nutritional implications in that they usually require a change in eating habits. Worner, who has frequently observed this occurrence during his Attacks of tertian fever in the spring (March to June) are relapses of a primary infection which occurred in the summer or autumn of the previous year, and in many cases have been kept latent by quinine tertian infection in the summer and the definite relapse in the spring should be regarded as instances of superinfection. I considered that was a satisfactory substitute. (References to some of these topics will be found also in the Indexes of the other books of the series.) Schopenhauer says that life is a great mistake, and he proves it Sir John Lubbock says that life is a beautiful gift, and he proves it. In the true colon group the reactions varied markedly, and by these variations they may be subdivided into four sub-groups: The serological characteristics of these bacilli were investigated by two In the first series eight strains were taken, four from the paracolon group and four from the colon group. When a man or woman is dying from loss of blood, the doctor sometimes, as a last resort, tries to save them by trans fusing the warm, rich blood of another into their veins. I saw many men come Avithout sliirts, but I also saw them furnished with some: It will remove the pain and cure the disease. In cases of bronchitis, where the expectoration is very profuse and the patient weak, care is required not to give an overdose of narcotic or sedative, lest during the sleep which it produces the mucus should accumulate in the respiratory passages to such an extent that the patient on awaking is unable to expectorate it and is suffocated by it. IVARNINGS: Careful supervision of dose and amounts precribed for patients is advised, especially with those patients Jcoholics, former addicts, and other severe psychoneurot:s, has been reported to result in dependence on or habit. A few cases of leukopenia during continuous administration of meprobamate are reported, most of these returned to normal without discontinuation of the Impairment of accommodation and visual acuity has been OVERDOSE: Two instances of accidental or intentional significant overdosage with ethoheptazine citrate combined with aspirin have been reported These were accompanied by symptoms of CNS depression, including drowsiness and light-headedness, with uneventful recovery However, on the basis of pharmacological data, it may be anticipated that CNS stimulation could occur.

Blood sick animals, and breaking the fine points of these by pressure across the vascular walls. They found that frequent occurrence of microorganism which hitherto had been held to be of specific pathogenic action in human beings and to be the cause of that form of dysentery among adults and also among children which is characterized by ulceration and pseudomembranous lesions of the intestines and marked contagiousness. When a University Professor so far forgets the honored custom of the medical profession as to seek a patent upon a remedial preparation, he is doubtless far beyond the reach of argument or remonstrance. This compound may be used safely on the skin of those patients sensitive to the"caine" type local anesthetics. In the later stages of the disease, however, when the symptoms are taking on the form of myxedema, thyroid preparations may be prescribed with benefit. Vessels not innervated by the sympathetic system, such as those of the heart, lungs, and liver, are not affected by adrenalin, and Dixon has pointed out that adrenalin has no action on vessels whose vasomotor nerves have been paralyzed by apocodein. Greece a special gift, to discern every art, and the nature of all things, to a greater extent than other nations, with a view to the preservation of human health.