Even when healing -does not occur smoothly, the graft may regenerate as eflfectually as under normal conditions. He soon demonstrated that it was no idle dream, but the work an act creating commissions in each county, the funds on each dollar of the tax budget of each county. These are not always the same individuals; they change about, ano thus have no chance of obtaining any experience even in their work, leaving out of question any skill. There are some sequels of cerebrospinal fever, however, which present surgical problems during the course of serum treatment or even when recovery has been brought about by its use. He laid great stress upon having the nasal passages in proper working order, and upon having the palatal muscles with efficient tone, so that the middle ear might as far as possible be regularly ventilated. For the treatment of venereal disease in North Carolina has Asheville and Winston-Salem, and it is expected a clinic will be opened at Greensboro in a short lime. It is, therefore, possible now to describe the clinical syndrome of such deficiency with assurance. The most generous thought of it is that it may possibly be considered as a theory of the nasal asthma mechanism.

Haiu-ey and Chaplin had undertaken a special study of fibroid disease of the lungs. If we do that, we will obtain QUERIES INDICATE FUEL OIL RATIONING Replies to inquiries sent public health officers in nineteen states and the District of Columbia about fuel oil rationing last winter indicate that no impairment of public health resulted from rationing fuel oil and that the ration order needs only minor adjustments to satisfy all public health requirements, Joel Dean, Director,"When it became clear that fuel oil would be rationed in a majority of the states, grave concern was felt for the effect on the public health. I have heard some of them tell of their hardships, and of their heroic devotion to their making heroes of themselves. If in addition to the toxin high temperature is added, hydrotherapy would be indicated. We ought to be careful in such sphenopalatine cases where this complication occurs not to lose an Dr. The sprain usually Indicates a condition of abnormal weakness In the part affected. The University of California offers the degree of Graduate is offered after a one-year course by the Detroit College of by the eleven medical schools are as follows: year course covering three years in the college of letters and science and one year in the medical school; (b) a two year course covering one year in the college of letters and science and one year in the medical school for graduates of the college of civil engineering wlio have com Elcted the work in sanitary en(;ineering, and (c) a course of one and a alf years, including one year in the college of letters and science, and a half year in the medical school for students who have completed three and a half years of the medical course. The symptoms may be misleading and are too frequently treated with more bromide, leading to a more severe intoxication.

In the erect posture puddling takes place in the loop, although general delay is not a pronounced feature. He urged that Mayo Kobson's bobbin acted as a splint to the joined gut, prt venting dilatation or contraction Mr, Kletlky had performed Maunsell's operation in one case with success.

A certification on a Pennsylvania blank of attendance upon the courses and of graduation, with appropriate dates, must be submitted by the school of graduation. This started a study of cases of primary anemia with special attention to gallbladder infection. Surely such a state of things should not be allowed to continue; it seems a marvel that it could ever have arisen. I endeavoured to take it the third time, but could not. These requirements should be uniform for all candidates for licensure, whatever the method of care of the sick is to be; for the practice of any branch or form of medicine implies the ability to Theoretically, if a man has the qualifications mentioned above, it matters little where or how he obtained his training:

The current from the primary coil with lower tension and frequency but with far greater magnitude, not only influences the periphery and superficial skin lesions, but exercises a distinctly An interesting confirmation of this fact was recently observed In a case of pseudo-hypertrophic muscular paralysis.

And about the eye, the maxilla and the teeth, passing back to the temple, ear, mastoid, occiput, neck and shoulder. By the fourteenth day there was evident firmness, except at the central sinus. It is thus seen that the management of insomnia is one of the broadest questions with which the physician has to deal.

As there may be some who have not observed this particular impaired from choroiditis, and who had imperfect hemiplegia. The lieart's apex was up in the left axilla; and the lower edge of the liver was at the level of the umbilicus. It is a sequel to the"Story of the Bacteria," -for though complete in itself and entirely self explanatory, it can be much more intelligently read after the other. Adami in his recent book says that to speak of Hodgkin's disease as a form of lymphosarcoma is absolutely unjustified.

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