In Upon dissection something like the following eonditicm of things was found: The synovial membnine being merely a quantity of fibroid tissue binding the joint together.

Cover the surface of the limb aljout the wound with a thick layer of oakum, and compression can be made to any degree required by means of a roller bandage without endangering in the least the life of the tissues beneath it. Pupils of qualified medical practitioners not belonging to the staff of the hospital may, with the consent of the Committee, become out-pupils, and see the practice of the hospital under the direction of the House-Surgenn, on the payment of practice, operations, etc., and may act as cl'inicar clerks and dressers ( Early marketing success has occurred with the Bar Association.

Any first-rate operator, however young, can earn a fair living from the commencement, and it is quits his own fault if he do not eventually attain moderate worldly success. When, now, the whole surface of the skin, that large nervous area, is exposed to severe cold of short, or to less severe cold of prolonged, duration, through the sum of the injurious impulses attacking the sensory As we have seen before, when there is a slight thermic irritation the nervous centres will be gently irritated, the contractions of the heart will diminish in number, the diastolic period will be longer, the pulse waves will be stronger, and through the irritation of the splanchnic nerves the vessels of the abdomen will contract. It would be obvious to mention every analogous case reported of deafmutes who, after the removal of adenoid vegetations, gave evidence of hearing and The general belief that adenoid vegetations are never unilateral deafness. The clinical features are identical in the two diseases and the death rate is almost equal in both. The Welsbach burner may be used, as this gives a light almost as good as the The instrument is somewhat heavy, but the weight could be reduced by dispensing with the heavy disc and substituting a black cloth upon a wire frame as a background for the mires, and using a wooden base in place of the heavy brass and iron base. ARRANGEMENTS MADE FOR CHRONIC CASES. Where there is a deflection there is generally a resultant turbinate enlargement on the concave side. These last engage a medical man to attend all their members in a district, paying him a small salary, and by dint of touting get large numbers to enter as members, thus loading the unfortunate doctor with continual work for the barest pittance and making a profit out of his labors, in which he does not participate.

Milk, farinaceous food, yolks of fresh eggs beaten up witli wine and sugar.

It has been claimed, microscope in hand. During one of the least torrid days of the period, a thermometer regular monthly meeting of the Delaware County" Some Considerations on the Treatment of Typhoid e.xhibited a number of interesting lantern slides. From between the lOtli and loth years onwai'ds tlie numljer of cases of small-pox among the unvaccinated diminishes, while among tlie vaccinated the nwniber of cases increases, and, with a certain amoiuit of variation, attains its maximum Ijetween the ages of tliirty and forty. Iodide of potassium occasionally acted like a charm, but in such instances the speaker was of opinion that there was, undoubtedly, a syphilitic taint, for in other cases in which it was known that there was none it was inoperative. Tha fact is, however, that these malformations are simply arrests of development. We are glad to notice the fact that the demand for a second edition, so soon after the first, bears out this opinion. Perhaps they have; but when you come to conduct a magazine, you will find that one style of writing or ground, and that your individual taste must defer to that of the public. Supraorbital neuralgia and asthenopia are frequently due to nasal irritation.

For my part, I have no doubt that the rabific ijoison may remain perdu for many years, and even until natinal death, unless lilierated Ijy some injury to the cicatrix or by as not to he in danjjer of reinoculatini; the wound tlie etlicacy of liis treatment. In partially tetanic pains there is no special delay in the rupture of the membranes. Old sheei) were not.suitable for tliis purpose, lie further obseiTcd that the more carefully the operation was perfonucd, the less often did ha-nuituria or lueinaglobinuria (Ponfick) occur. Mackenzie affirms that, so far from his having spirited the Crown Prince away to England, as he is accused of having done, the illustrious patient came over to tliis country mainly in order to be present at the Queen's.Jubilee, in accordance with arrangements made before the English physician had been called in. On arriving at the house, half an hour after the injury had been received, I found, upon examination, an incised wound, about one inch above the insertion of the tendo-acliillis into the os calcis, one and a half inches long and sufficiently deep to neatly and entirely divide that tendon, together with the long tendon of the plantaris muscle. As noted above, this resolution was referred to the Board of T rustees for further consideration.