At the right hilus there are two small opaque spots suggesting old calcified foci (c). BiownSequard's observation, that chloroform applied over the skin of an animal produces general anaesthesia by its irritant action on the peripheral in ether or chloroform, a motley group, but each they all operate by irritating the terminal twigs of sensory nerves. Hence, also, blisters over the abdomen were powerful auxiliaries. It held several ounces of fluid, and from it was taken this very large calculus which I show you. Ovaritis and displacements of the ovaries were the aflections which most frequently caused cerebral and nervous disturbance. He experimented upon dogs and rabbits with the sodium salt of this acid, but was not able to produce a true amyloid degeneration.

The eruption spreads rapidly from the face, consuming from one to two days in covering the surface of the body.

The two were found to communicate.

Instead of the yardstick of success being the length of the queue in the waiting room or the number of cases in which personal intervention dramatically altered the course of events, physicians would judge themselves collectively by improvements in the health levels of the populations they serve.

The symptoms gradually disappear, and the frequency of the attacks may diminish under this treatment without the detection of gall-stones in the fseces. It depends, not upon stenosis of the portal system, but rather upon peritoneal irritation due to the presence of the peripheric carcinomatous nodules.

The latter chapter should be required for all co-care programs for neurologic patients. This commitment is the cardinal prerequisite for quality assurance in its fullest contemporary meaning. We may then presume that a complete cure has been effected. BOSTON MEDICAL AND email SURGICAL JOURNAL more than very slight reaction. There are two large play rooms connected with each dormitory and except in the roughest weather large sliding doors are open, so that except at meal time, when the children assemble in an ordinary dining-room, they are living practically out "correo" of doors. The symptoms are persistent constipation, weariness, headache, loathing of food, distress from quantity rather than quality of food, vomiting, emaciation, oppi'ession in loins, pelvis and abdomen, clammy hands and feet, palpitation of heart, dysmenorrhea and scanty menstruation or amenorrhea (intramed.nety). Men, of course, must also rise to the situation and those who can help by popular education in all matters relating to sex hygiene, the statesmen and employers, teachers and men of influence in the various walks of life, can in many ways participate in diminishing the cause as well as the effect of the social evil. We may accept all this in perfectlj undesirable materials, and therefore I do not allow it to persist; the only question is what purgative to employ. It is cheap, and but little trouble to obtain it, and I assure my medical brethren that it will pay them to use it; besides it is a sure and safe Bruise the gray-beard and sumac roots, and put them with the sarsaparilla into an iron pot sufficient to hold eight gallons of water, or cover the roots completely with the water. And there are a great many remedies, I suppose, that have got the credit of curing the disease, provided they have had the good fortune to be administered during the decline of the disease.

IX On the Postural Treatment of Prolapse of the Funis. For a long time I hesitated to remove a swollen epiglottis, fearing hemorrhage or inspiration pneumonia. MacDonald agrees with those who maintain that it is not a constant symptom attending the onset of epileptic seizures. ;iu sujet d une instruction sur le croup, Delore (X.) De reparation du croup et de ses suites sur le croup, la nature inflammatoire de eette maladie, et in Paris gekronten Preisschrittcn iiber den Croup, nebst miazorra (M.) Informe relativo d una memoiia sobre el (F. The State, however, is the sufferer from the present day abuse of surgery, and if the matter is really taken in hand as a function of the State, laws may be enacted which make it obligatory upon any one who is to engage in operative surgery to have a prescribed preliminary course of study and of technical training. By this time the colonies, though still widely separated, had formed a loose organization, or confederation.

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