It is needless to dwell again on the work which has recently been undertaken relative to the mechanism of immunity, to the bacterial secretions and their role in the symptomatology of the disease, and to that important role in morbid processes now assigned to associations of microbes. Cerebral symptoms, anesthesia, severe pain, exaggerated reflexes, loss of motion, lead in urine, twenty-five. There are excellent publications to assist w ith the education of your asthma patients. The President read an address on" Dermatology and its Relations to Periodical Literature." Ten papers were read. The end of any calendar year, that the Association has sufficient funds and assets, exclusive of the amount subject to repayment, and that repayment be approved by the Interest may be paid on the notes, but it is at the discretion of the Council of the Association. Years of your residency as an Air Force officer. It gave him very satisfactory relief primarily, and for nine months he has for the first time in eight years been continuously free of stomach symptoms. Cremation cannot be considered as a sine qua non in ideal sanitation. Narrow-necked bottle, e.-sign, a symptom of epilepsy and other brain-conditions in which there is a repetition of the closing word or words of a sentence. This may be supplied by aeration of the water before filtration, or by conducting the On the whole, it is probable that sand filtration must be regarded as the most efficient method of purifying a polluted water supply; and that, when carefully and intelligently managed, it can be depended on as a perfect safeguard against infection THE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS, AT ITS ELEVENTH ANNUAL MEETING Gentlemen: The scrutiny of the program you have prepared for this meeting of the Association of American Physicians, yields an eloquent exposition of its scope and aims. It would seem as if such a building could hardly affect the value of adjacent real estate very unfavorably, but apparently theowuers of land and houses in the neighborhood thought otherwise.

Kinder, MD, has been serving his community of Cape Girardeau in many capacities since time, Dr. Let us do all we can to help those we serve to fend off loneliness and unhappiness. The manufacture of paper is largely carried on upon the pure, clear watercourses of this county. They include four thriving manufacturing cities. After the termination of the peripneumony a collection of coagulable lymph is frequently left in the cavity of the chest unabsorbed; or a common anasarca of the lungs occurs from the present inaction of the absorbent vessels, which had previously been excited too violently.

The Atomic Energy Commission has selected Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee, as a nongovernmental institution to conduct biological and medical research projects, the Eighth Naval District headquarters here announced recently. At of calomel until free catharsis.

By day as well as by night he will make responses to the yells and cries of gorillas that he hears in the woods, and he thinks that in this way he will be able to attract certain individuals, especially females, about him, and intimacies may result which will afford most profitable opportunities for conversation. The people must know the facts about the readily becomes a chronic condition since the toxemic patient laclcs that initiative which is necessary to active physical exercise; thus cause and effect form a circle which must be broken by rational therapeutic treatment while proper hygienic conditions are being performs a double service by stimulating to normal function and by disinfecting the intestinal and urinary tracts. The place of origin of the epigastric from the iliac seems to have no influence on its subsequent course.

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