While we are wrapped in nature's sweet restorer, sleep, his duty calls and he wends his weary way through midnight darkness, snow and storm, relieving no retainer's fee when his services are sought, there are no negotiable papers required before he responds to the call for help, there are no time prices charged if the services arc not cash. Can you obtain a better combination than is Attention of the Medical Fraternity is particularly called to the Analysis of our Concentrated Water, which is nearly identical with that of Professor oj Chemistry, University of Virginia A liberal supply will be sent free of cost to any practicing physician who wishes to give it a test. Massey bases his statement upon his treatment in three inoperable cases. The casual observer may notice, almost daily, the complete indifference of the conductors to the violation of the ordinance. Etiology: The disease is commonest in comparatively young nine cases were males. If you know of any who are not gentlemen, don't allow There is much food for serious reilection in Dr. You will notice that the deformity is very marked; in fact, it was so great that she was unable to wear spectacles on.

People who talk suicide seldom commit suicide. His diet was chiefly solution of gum Arabic, which was given ad libitum, water freely, and ice frequently. Medical men in our days, are divided in opinion on the origin of only developed spontaneously in Europe, toward the close of the fifteenth century; others think that it was imported from the new world; others, and the greater number, see in the venereal diseases only a degeneration, or one of the numerous ramifications of leprosy.

In seventeen cases recorded by Krieg the affection occurred sixteen times amongst males, of whom two cases occurring in females aged respectively seventy-two and Fig. By such simple treatment as this, which can be practised in the country as well as in the town, and in private practice equally with the hospital, can these neglected and forlorn cripples be made useful and happy.

We hope in our next number to give a fuller account of this meeting than the meagre skeleton above. With regard to the potash salts, although they exist in greater proportion in flesh than in blood, there can be little doubt that the last flowing portions of that fluid would rob the solids of a considerable amount.

Within the fibrillar I found the unmistakable molecules of fat, but they were not remarkably numerous. A Clinical Treatise on the Pathology and Therapy of Disorders in Chief to the City Hospital, Frankfort a.

I believe with Kehr that the majority of pains which are called cramps of the stomach are gall stone colics. Liable to adulteration with tansy flowers and with flowers of Artemisia campestris. De Witt, of New York, has in press, and will publish It will be recollected that the subject of increasing the subscription price of the Journal time when many of the newspapers and other periodicals of the day were raising their constantly.


With his time so occupied with his clientele, and with the duties of his chair, where would he have any time for thought or personal Finally, his friends and his father-in-law argued him into an appreciation of his opportunities. No doubt it is unwise, even dangerous, to open the blades of a lithotrite freely in an empty bladder, or one with very little water in it; but I have long been convinced that there is no need for the presence of so much fluid as some The chief objections that I myself have found to very small-sized lithotrites or scoops are, the comparative difficulty of passing them into the bladder, and, especially, the comparative difficulty of sounding for fragments. Of the two, atropin seems to exercise a more powerful action on the spinal cord, while hyoscyamin was twice as active in its effect upon the salivary depending upon its destructive action on the parasites. This supersusceptibility to a foreign serum or other substance, which is induced by an injection of that serum or proteid, is called anaphylaxis. Army and Navy medical men, either stationed in Puerto Rico or In transit through San Juan to their several destinations, have come in large numbers and have evinced interest and surprise at the setup found here. Allan prurigo, occurring in the family of a medical man, himself subject to urticaria. Concerning the permanence of this success, time will bear its testimony. They were to be seen, but not felt." The patient's recovery was rapid, uninterrupted, and complete, though nothing beyond exploration Mr.