These changes not only increase the amount of payment but also expand the number of areas to which this payment applies. I have been tapped three times from the groin to the seam, and although a good deal benumbed at the place, yet it caused a sharp, stinging sensation, which I can hardly describe. We went to visit a young friend of our youth, languishing on a bed of sickness, and surrounded by a lovely wife and three infants. Quebracho was of great benefit in this case in relieving the severe dyspnoea; and has been also recommended by Fleischer and Penzoldt.

To be taken in a little water three times a day. The incision was now prolonged backward, the enlarged lymphatics, some of them adherent to the sheath of the common carotid, were shaved away, and the wound was drained, sutured, and dressed. The Use of Bichloride of Mercury in Fracture of the Symphysis Pubis Successful Caesarean Section for an Laparotomy; Eecovery of Mother Inflammation of the Salivary Glands Effects of Non - oxygenation of the PEOFESSOR OF THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MEDICINE IN THE JEFFEFSON MEDICAL This paper is intended to deal with matters connected purely with the treatment of valvular diseases of the heart. His father was a man of considerable property and of substantial position in his native country, owned land, did an extensive business as a contracting carpenter, and was also revenue collector for his district. Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society, held week before last, reported the results of his investigations carried on in the Brown Institution, on the etiology of puerperal fever. So there is no fault to be found when men agree to limit the work under discussion, but where fault is to be found, and that most strenuously, is where, because after a few generations of such training, the new student is taught to accept the doctrine that because men of the physical sciences start at a given point, there can be nothing beyond that pomt. Korbly was known not as a brilliant advocate nor for his forensic ability, but rather for his deep and thorough knowledge of the law and its appli cation. It is now without a competitor as a Journal of selections, and the subjoined testimonials will exhibit in clear terms, the opinion of cotemporary Journalists, as connected with the plan of the work, and the discriminating judgment displayed by the editor. - sabstahceti are retailed long in the body by their viscid INFLAMMATION OF THE BRONCHIA. They are also somewhat less certain in their action, on account of the medicament contained in them.

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