Eleven (nine endoglandular, two follicular) withdrew from of the endoglandular, nine of the follicular, and three of the parenchymatous type, of the last of which one was a prostatic abscess.

In some instances the middle portion alone suffers (Vigla and Charnal, Berger, Mackenzie, of Baltimore, Semon); exceptionally, the two extremities, with complete conservation of the middle portion (Tessier, cited by Rey). B Purser of a frigate, a gentleman well known on the station, was as determined a bonvivant as ever I had the honour of being acquainted with.

The curet is much used but not so much as formerly. Of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, at their recent annual tneeting, listened with the greatest satisfaction to the report of the Treasurer, John L. For a year previous to the breaking out of the typhoid epidemic, the public was warned, through the local and the metropolitan press, of the dangerous condition of Ithaca's water supply. Ancient Hindoo charlatan priests let fall from the end of a straw a drop of oil into the patient's water. When a case of this type is examined we find usually a well-developed hernia, frequently the sac within the scrotum. Its maximal intensity is to the right of the apex beyond where the blood current enters the ventricle. Children abnormal from any cause should be placed under the' conditions demanded by their individual needs, and a great work lies before the physicians of America in aiding backward and neurotic children to advance under conditions suited to enable them to keep pace with normal children in perfect health.

The history of her present illness shows that four weeks before her admission to the hospital her diarrhoea recurred and she had four or five watery stools accompanied by pain in the epigastric region. In all forms of chronic Bright's disease increased arterial tension and more or less compensatory hypertrophy are rare phenomena. From the great endemic scourge we might, in general, protect our seamen, by proper care; but over the disposition to dysentery and ulcers, in that class of Europeans, we have little control, since time itself is our adversary omnia metil ternpus! and my own testimony, will, I trust, no longer be viewed in the terrific habiliments wherewith it is clothed by Dr. The anatomy and physiology of the infant gastro-intestinal tract, the normal child, breast milk, nutritional disturbances in the breast fed and in the artificially fed infant and feeding in diseases are gi.. This rhythm has been was placed upside down.

It is indeed frequently associated with other signs of a neuropathic constitution or degeneracy, such as impulsive tendencies, bed-wetting, night terror, somnambulism, sleeptalking, with great timidity and states of anxiety, unfounded fear of the physician or the inability to remain still. One year before admission she had complained of loss of ability to smell. There is nothing more difficult, even for the skilled clinician, to distinguish blood from various other substances in the vomitus. B, hinge, by means of which the lizard's beak is opened and closed as much or as little as the upon it closes and when pushed it opens the instrument.

Whenever there is a well grounded suspicion of the presence of diphtheria, especially if it occur in a child not over strong or if the symptoms are at all threatening, antitoxin should be administered at once without waiting for the bacteriological diagnosis. And more, we have seen cases die with strength but little impaired, which we should scarcely expect would be the case if they died from constitutional disease alone. BASIS AS TO ROOM Our rooms are magnificently furnishert in solid similar rooms anywhere in the United States. Symptoms develop after prolonged administration.