He has made several experiments with regard to its etiology, which, while they do not demonstrate its cause, indicate the direction of study which will probably lead to the discovery general than local character, and falls especially upon the nervous system." By long and careful observation he has ascertained that the regions of this country which are free from the disease, the places of refuge for the catarrhly afflicted, are the northern side of the White Mountains in New Hampshire; Mount Mansfield, in Vermont, and its immediate neighbourhood; the Adirondacks, in New York; the Ohio and Pennsylvania plateau, including the high range of land in New York from the Catskill Mountains to the western border of the State; the island of Mackinaw; the northern side of the great lakes in Canada; tracts of land beyond the Mississippi, at St. The tumor in the mean time had increased considerably in size, and the hsemorrhages were severe. The amount of haemoglobin has been just sufficient to unusual supply is needed. They who are subject to wakefulness and disturbed sleep will find, in addition to a properly regulated diet and active exercise in the open air, that sponging the body with tepid water, followed by brisk frictions of the surface, will more effectually induce quiet repose than any other means. In respect to aBtiology alone, theories ingenious and fantastic have been from time to time constructed until everything, from eye strain to sphincter spasm, has been made to bear the blame.

The assessment was needed to assist in determining whether such information is sufficiently reliable to be used as baseline data for assessing the impact of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge, MA.

Richard Lenehan, West Hartford; A. Mann thinks it is much to be desired that a limit should be fixed by law declaring the maximum percentage of carbon monoxide which any gas ttsed for domestic illumination may contain, and such a limit ought not to exceed ten per cent.

This plant is possessed of pretty energetic tonic properties.

We must exclude entirely from the dietary, vegetables containing much cellulose, such as cabbage, lettuce, carrots, etc. If convulsions set in, the patient's tongue should be protected, and besides the measures already enumerated, chloral and bromides in the form of an enema, or the inlialation of chloroform in sufficient amount just to control the fits are useful. An uneducated blind person, doomed to a life of helplessness and mental inertness, is certainly a pitiable object, and I shall endeavor to show in this paper that an uneducated deaf-mute is even more pitiable. It is employed with benefit in most foul and indolent sores, although not of a venereal origin. But within the liminal zones of the dissecting room, the derelict waterfront district, and the nighttime city, their membership in the fraternity of dissectors exempts them from the moral discipline and manners required of their class. Dating from the time of the early Gestalt psychologists between objects or entities has been recognized as a main factor leading to their being perceived as phenomenon involves the bringing together of different personal characteristics, we can expect that the factor of similarity plays an important role here One salient quality that makes traits similar is their negative or positive value.

And, too, the druggists prescribe for a great many patients in whom we get false negatives. In cases of suspected weak heart, its anesthetic employment should always be preceded by the administmtion of some alcoholic stimulus.

The excess in some cases is due to simple over-function of the organ, accompanied by a certain measure of structural hypertrophy. That a great deal of good has resulted from the devotion of able minds to the special investigation of this subject, no candid observer can doubt.

The nature of the effusion is a valuable guide to diagnosis, it is often haemorrhagic, in some cases the fluid Before, but especially after, inspiration, loud, coarse friction may be heard, and even friction fremitus felt. If a singing teacher, says the author, who knows nothing or cares nothing about the necessity of nasal instruction has a pupil who suffers from one of these conditions, the natural resvilt will be to encourage oral respiration, and thereby to increase the burden already Ijlaced upon the pharynx and the larynx. Add the dry ingredients to the water; mix thoroughly, and boil till the mixture is reduced to a proper consistence. Cyrus Thompson, the Secretary-Treasurer was directed to express to Dr.

They were found to be normal, and were re turned into the peritoneal cavity. When I was an interne and we would get chronic cases, it was the general opinion of the visiting staff that they could not be cured. These and other contingencies, once startling, still occur with the best ether, and the experience of a quarter of a century.

DILATATION OF THE LATERAL VENTRICLES AS A COMMON BRAIN LESION IN EPILEPSY dilatation of the lateral ventricles is a common abnormality of the brain in epileptic subjects, but fails to find in literature mention of this phenomenon. It is objected that it is less digestible, less nutritious, less antiscorbutic, and finally, that it is an" unnatural" food. On neurologic examination before operation, Preacribe original bottle to avoid After LA GRIPPE, TYPHOID, Etc. It is tire dutt ol these men and women to see that the rushing rules and the activities for rushing among the fraternities be carried out in die mannei agreed to In the representatives ol the council as befitting members ol the medical profession. They are also seen as limited because satisfactory aspects of the a. Formerly neurectomies were the only palhative treatment, and excision of the Gasserian ganglion the only cure. The nervous system must be protected from strain; errors of refraction, if present, must be corrected by glasses.

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