It stains the skin as well as the linen, and in curative power (psoriasis especially referred to) is American Journal of Medical Sciences.

D.,"The Rollier Treatment of Tuberculosis," illustrated with lantern slides and movie film, Qarence L. Preliminary General Education and Examination. Long; abdomen distended; umbilicus everted; broad epigastric angle; precordium prominent. Of the greatest importance, to us and to the laity. On deep inspiration spleen is palpable and very tender. Upon the application of a relieving officer of the union to which the workhouse belongs, supported by a medical certificate under the hand of a medical practitioner, not being an officer of the workhouse, and by the certificate such reasonable remuneration as they think fit to the medical practitioner of a certificate under this section. Slight cerebral symptoms were probably masked in these very young and usually marantic children. He thought longer delay in the case reported might have been followed by this result. The vertical incision was made and carried down to the peritoneum.

The diagnosis was, tubal obstruction due to catarrhal swelling of the mucous membrane of that region, and treatment accordingly was begun by painting the vault of the pharynx and neighborhood of the right tubal orifice no change in the condition of affairs and all the symp toms were as troublesome as at first.

Pale, petechial haemorrhages on thighs, oedema of legs. Because of surfeiting many have perished; but he that taketh heed shall prolong his life." The second part turns toward the doctor, toward whom all must come or soon or late,"Honor a physician according to thy need of him with the honors due unto him; for verily the Lord hath created him. Woehnert offered a resolution by which the bylaws are to be amended to increase the annual dues to capita State assessment is also to be collected. ; moreover its form and capacity become fixed.

These contradictory results invite further experiments, not only on the effect of roentgenization on antibody production, but also on phagocytosis and other cellular THE IMPORTANCE OF RECORDING THE WEIGHT INDIVIDUALS die, not because they are tall or short, and not always because they are fat or thin, but, save in the case of sudden death, Hfe usually ends with a loss in weight. Spicer was led to suspect an intimate connection between nervous derangements and affections of the naso-pharyngeal tracks by the frequency with which they coexisted, by the large proportion of idiot and weak-minded children in workhouses, etc., who possessed the characteristic physiognomy of adenoid vegetations, and by the frequency with which the symptoms referable to irritation disappeared, and the intellect, spirits, and temper improved, after cure of the throat or nose affection. The more severe the case, tlx- more eSact the indication. Of the ends of the bones and soft parts forming a right knee-joint.

I, therefore, especially urge that this first meeting be well attended. Is seen to remain on Left Inferior Oblique has entirely disappeared.

By heat the lymphatics are sealed, and to my mind more quidcly and thoroughly by high than by low degrees. He added with his characteristic humor,"Boston measures men by brains, it is said, New York by to test his breeding. Pupils, duly qualified by examination and registration, are practice, operations, etc., and may act as clinical clerks and dressers. Some of the children whose cord Wassermanns were positive at birth presented a negative reaction a month later, and when seen again at the end of a year it was still negative.

It was severed from the mesentery, and it followed my fingers down into the vagina, where I examined it carefully with lamp light. Culbertson denounced the attorneys' conduct in a scathing editorial as a villainous attempt at blackmail.

Cases of double consciousness were explicable on different lines, and there was absolutely no proof whatever for supposing, wlien two trains of thought were being simultaneously carried out, that one of these was being conducted in one hemisphere and one in another.

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