Guilsborough, near Northampton Wing, Edwin, M.D. The whole seems to be composed of a more or less dense fibrous mass of uncommonly long, fine, delicate fibres, most of them containing somewhat oblong nuclei, others more round and occasionally quite long, rod-like nuclei; in general, each fibre contained one nucleus. In its praise it is urged that it possesses no cumulative action, and that its effects are promptly produced; but, on the other hand, there seems no doubt that it may occasionally disturb the alimentary canal, and coupons that, on account of the local irritation it produces, it is not convenient for hypodermic use. The three samples of crude ergot were made up into fluidextracts by Professor Cook six months later and yielded the following percentages of sphacelotoxin: These figures indicate that the best method of keeping crude ergot is to dry it at low temperatures and then to protect it from atmospheric influences by keeping it hermetically sealed.

A small coupon fragment of this was inoculated in a third rat and an autopsy made three months later showed a diffuse cancer of the scrotum, with involvement of the peritoneum. Fifteen out of the existing sixteen State Boards were represented, and the prospect is that the next year will be organized a uniform national system for the prosecution of public health matters. - for the first three days of this period he was given a any time and the baby vomited occasionally. Statistics show that it is at least as safe as operation by the ligature or the clamp, and it is certainly followed by a more rapid convalescence, and much Dr. - the majority of men do not open their mouths, while awake, in order to satisfy the ordinary demand for breath, though many sleep with their mouths open. Fulminant cases run a more malignant course than the more gradual cases. The skin temperature of the treated not therefore due to vasomotor effects in the skin arising from the polar action of the current; certainly an increased blood-supply resulted in the whole limb, but this was given thus showed that a temperature above the normal was excited by both the galvanic and the diathermic currents ( May it not be compared to taxis in the reduction of ordinary hernia? Position is another important consideration.

How is it that, for years past, we see at certain crossings in London the same Indian faces, sleek, winter weather notwithstanding. If there is much irritability of the mucous membrane of the larynx and throat, it is well to begin with solutions of potassium or sodium salts, for the purpose of first relieving the hyperesthesia, and of increasing and liquefying the secretion. - in all stenoses of this kind, the breathing presents the peculiarity of the forced costal type. With this, he thought, few of them could agree, and if Sir Humphry Eolleston's interesting suggestions as to its relationship to lesions of the endocrine glands could be established as facts the disease would assume an even greater importance than it previously possessed. " It is not at all uncommon to meet with microscopic crystals, wliich, if retained, might receive deposits of fresh material on the outside, until the small calculi, varying in size from a mustard-seed to that of a pea or larger, are formed.

Microscopical calculi of phosphate of lime are by no means uncommon, and are often found in the kidney; but until lately I have never had an opportunity of watching the formation of calculi composed of oxalate of lime ( I think they should be carefully studied by every practitioner of medicine. MEETINGS OF SOCIETIES DURING THE on the Botany, etc., of linkedin the Regions of the Zambesi. Histologic examination and both were reviews negative for tubercle bacilli. - over her scholastic capacity I draw the veil of charity. At the same time she had an unnatural craving for herring and cucumbers.

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