In another case the eruption resembled a scanty crop of urticaria. Winter assisted in the first operation, and physicians from Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and the Mayo Clinic traveled to Gillette to observe. Fresh vegetables, like peas, string beans and spinach, with very little salt, is also desirable. It should proceed on general principles according to the indvidual manifestations of the disease, and might include serum therapy from Prevention. He was seen to throw wadding into a private well in Kota Bharu- The exhibit was of such small amount that it was hardly possible to Bay what it contained. Residence at these places is especially to be recommended during the winter. This appears, at first, to be most difficult to correct; yet a very simple adjustment of the diet will bring prompt relief. There seems to be httle doubt that this sinister bonwr traded on his reputation; so many children died that get travel-money and proceed to another village Malay" medicine-men" who are accomphshed in the Black Art of sphit-raising claim to be able to catch the souls of the women they love m the folds of their turbans, girdles by day and liide them under their pillows by night, and can teach others how to abduct souls for evil a" black witch" by piercing the dried heart of an animal, such as a sheep or cow, with needles and pins, as described by Mr, Edward Lovett in the Mornhig Post Exmoor"), would not appeal to Malays. In some cases the active morbid processes subside, but are not quite arrested and the malady assumes a chronic form, the exudates become organized, causing a sclerotic or morbid condition of the lung and especially of the interlobular tissue, which compresses and carnifies the lung tissue, or leads to necrotic changes and the formation of sequestra, or again to liquefaction and the formation of vomicae.

The usual provision is in force that no indemnity is allowed for any animal that entered the state not more than three months before, and without the tuberculin test demanded of all such stock On the whole an excellent work is being done in Pennsylvania, and herds now tested are found to contain not more than half as many infected animals as did those tested a few years ago. Our figures do not indicate that alcohol is harmful to those sick with pneumonia. They are sensitive in one way, namely, that when light falls upon them, it causes the inner limbs to contract, but this change has been noted when light falls on the other eye or on the skin. The presence of this tumor, the passage of blood-stained mucus, and tenesmus are the distinctive features of this form of stenosis. Hold the owner guilty of a misdemeanor with heavy penalty, for every bovine animal that goes amissing in the infected district without official post mortem examination. The farther the current passes from the heart, therefore, the less it is intermittent and pulsatile, and the more it becomes steady and uniform in character; The blood, accordingly, is delivered from the arteries into the capillaries, under this equable and continuous pressure. A number of times the pain all ceased, got sleepy, the room grew dark, I was feeling just nice and comfortable, and was well started upon my journey to some other world when my attendants would begin to rub me, put in various things with a hypodermic, out would come the salt water and they would proceed to make some portion of my anatomy look as if it had been hit with a baseball bat.

Nombrede contractions, execute celles-ci d'autant plus rapidenient qu'il a moins de alternatifs avec la main plongee dans I'eau, nous n'y arriverons que peniblement et lentement; executons les mcmcs mouvements dans Pair, nous j)ourrons les produirc or in whatever way it be lowered, no such clear and decided inverse relationship between blood pressure and pulse rate is observed. In violent inflammations atropia will find a place and in ulcerations boric acid, silver, pyoktanin, calomel, red precipitate, or hydrogen peroxide. The pulse has probably fallen very markedly in rate, and is harder and smaller. It appears, therefore, extremely desirable in infant-feeding to use fresh milk drawn with such careful precautions as to be practically free from extraneous bacteria, and in which the lactic-acidproducing bacteria are present in such small numbers as to induce no alterations of moment. Zeylanica, to the vagina and uterus causes violent form of a paste, is used by natives as an abortifacient; it is appHed either directly or smeared upon an" abortion -stick" made from a twig of one or other of either pelvic or general peritonitis; it is not thus used in Kelantan, and but rarely, if ever, ui the other Malay States. The term"morphinism" is applied to the symptom-complex resulting from the undue use of morphine.

End oU othor oomoMmdcationo for tho EdifoHSDogttrtmont, aAouM bo oddrotood to Me KdUor, m MouookouoiU Avo., Boston, NoUcoo md other motoriol for tho odttoriai in writing to tho printer with tho goUog proof of popon ( The interlobular tissue especially is infiltrated with serum so that toward the free margin the lobules may be separated by intervals of half an inch in breadth as in lung plague of cattle. Of the remaining eighteen cases, two were lost sight of, one having improved very much.

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