In these cases the circulating fluid is but little more than serum, or at least the crassamentum bears but a small proportion to it. First, by giving him opportunity and means of rest, and quiet and freedom from the strifes and din and worry of business life on shore. The constant application of tepid water, or decoction of poppy heads with marsh mallow, will also afford great relief. The symptoms may come on in a few days or be delayed for ten days.

I do feel that equally important to the treatment of this grave condition are the means that can be employed in preventing this trouble. These cells are not dissimilar to the other cells of the pancreas originally, but they have no connection with the ducts of the pancreatic gland. Nor can a woman be convicted under the statute of committing the crime of abortion The doctor who finds it necessary to perform a therapeutic abortion, or who is called upon to treat a patient suffering from the results of an attempted or incomplete abortion should protect himself from possible later suspicion and embarrassment by having another physician present before treatment begins who can testify in his behalf should such a course become necessary. As to the other things that you condemn, such as, the"useless vivisectiondemonstrating work"; that was criticized just as severely in the editorial to which you take exception. The capsule of the lens was adherent to the substantia propria of the cornea, Descemet's membrane having failed to develop.

We also are familiar with the vascular, perivascular and interstitial lesions; likewise with the scleroses, the gummas, the perostoses, and other disorders connected with this cause. In these instances, less frequent determinations may be done. Stock vaccine has been used for treatment with some benefit. The question of the diagnosis between scarlet fever with severe angina and diphtheria is discussed in the section on scarlet fever.

There is nothing in history to compare with the influence which Galen held in matters medical except the influence of Ptolemy in matters astronomical.

The anatomical changes are said to be chiefly in the voluntary muscles. L,- Barnes, from of seventy-six had escaped detection.

Of all men, the well-read physician of to-day can most truly say with John Bright,"My country is the world, my countrymen all mankind." The system of trained nursing has had its influence upon the practice of medicine, in rendering it more exact. The source of infection was always close to the epiphyseal line, and it usually bursts through to become subperiosteal at the end of forty-eight hours. It should be remembered that jaundice is merely a symptom, or an effect, and that it must be treated by treating the cause. No one can ever be certain upon entering a crowded place that some one may not have in his throat active diphtheria germs, or, in fact, the germs of other diseases. Three or four of these should be made, so as to facilitate the frequent changes required after the sweats.