Amongst the purchases is a magnificent skull simiis), one of the trophies collected by and purchased of the celebrated traveller, Gordon Gumming. That hypertension, heart disease, tuberculosis suffered by firemen and policemen shall be presumed to have been suffered in the line of duty. Sometimes it is fostered by slowing down, reflecting, praying or meditating, all of which may seem Prudent strategies for wise investors While many of the changes are cosmetic, you should also begin to notice changes in the type of information presented. External fistulous openings have occurred.

Boozman said he sees his role as health department director as one of facilitator whose duty is to enable health professionals to get their jobs done.

A solid mass occupied the posterior cul-de-sac. There are only slight changes in the overlying mucous membrane, and these consist chiefly in superficial erosions, of cystic dilatations of some of the deeper glands, increase in the mucoid secretion, and some proliferation of the lining epithelium. The knee-jerk is usually exaggerated on the affected side. Any one wishing to read the history of medicine nowadays must begin with the lucid accounts that have recently appeared of its practice amongst the Australian aborigines, in Tibet, Those who, like myself, have listened to the Australian describing, with palpable sincerity, the descent of his deity, more than half-demon, to snatch up to a giddy height in mid-air the primitive medicine. We know the following in regard to the innervation of the spleen: the nerves of the spleen originate from a center in the spinal medulla; if this center be irritated, as, for instance, in asphyxia, contraction of the spleen occurs. The subjects of the lecture were two men who presented the usual stigmata of syphilis in the eruptive stage. It may fall in first attacks, it is free from albumin. It is located immediately adjacent to the pathology laboratories and occupies accommodate a series of temporary exhibits. The talk was primarily for parents of handicapped children, but was open to all interested persons. Two reasons for this clustering have recently been ferreted out. Of penetrating wounds of the abdomen, there In many cases, fiucal tistuUe were produced, which healed spontaneously. As already mentioned it has no sheath. Xo experiments at present can reach the causes of these variations, and for them and for other alkaloids we must take the fact and long for the explanation which chemistry The dry tongue, the stoppage of the secretion of gastric j nice, bile, intestinal fluid, and of iirine, the paralysis of the nerves that dilate the iris, the loss of mental and neri'ous power after morphia, all these actions are evidence of the effect of moi-phia in stopping all chemical action and in lessening oxidation by In this way opium is one of the most potent antiphlogistic remedies we possess, and to it probably the calomel and opium treatment of this century owes its great reputation.

In fifteen minutes he dozed, and slept subsequently for When I visited him four hours afterwards, he, instead of fretfully complaining as heretofore, expressed himself as being much better, quite free from pain in his arm, which he raised from the bed of his own accord, and greatly relieved from the intense frontal agony from which he had previously suffered. Alexandre, whom I regret that I was unable to pay my respects to, uses the sulphuric lemonade largely. Thickish very dark blood ran out, but no serum. Being mistaken for an acute coryza. Senator thought he was justified, in the absence of any other demonstrable cause for the occurrence, in assuming a hematuria of hemophilic origin. In this admirable little work, the outlines of the physiology of the human" This volume is a fitting exemplar of the careful and scientific work that has placed the author Clinical Lectures and Essays on Rickets, Tuberculosis, Abdominal Assistant Superintendent New York City Training School, Blackwell's Island," A well written and unusually thorough work for its purpose. In very severe attacks the patient goes into collapse, the face becomes ashy pale and lifeless, the pulse is small, the extremities are cold, and in exceptional cases the attack may end in death. The House did not adopt the Bylaws Mr.

DISEASES OF THE RESPIEATOEY ORGANS. Only in cases where the spleen can be definitely felt does he feel justified in rendering an opinion on its size and consistence. If such a parasite be brought into the middle of the field (and it is practicable to more active, and, parallel with this increase in the other movement, changes in their location and are gradually forced toward the periphery of the organism, where they aeciunulate in little heaps. Not a local Journal, but International in Its scope. Your reference committee was informed that it is already policy to reimburse AMA delegate and alternate delegate expenses in the same manner as all other members are reimbursed for official Society It was moved and seconded from the floor of the House to refer to a committee of the RESOLVED, That the Pennsylvania Medical Society make a category of part-time membership available with reduced membership fees based on the following percentage scale as provided by PMSLIC to part-time RESOLVED, That the PMS Delegation t the AMA prepare a similar resolution re AMA House of Delegates meeting.