This problem has occupied the attention choolmen answered the eternal riddle in material terms founded on imaginary anatomy. We own all the furniture, and the library, which, of course, has a value not easily estimated, and we owe at this moment, say, in round artists, or lawyers, choose to make a comparison with the condition of their club-houses, or institutions devoted to professional work alone, I am sure we shall not shrink from it. These are very subject to scrofulous action. A large and in many of these the contagion has been isolated. It is also important that by concert of action a disease should be given only one name, instead of a number, as is often the case at present. I retained it in this position some time in hopes the uterus might relax sufficiently to enable me to use my thumb, but finding it retain its rigidity, and being unwilling to withdraw my hand after all the exertions I had used, I requested the husband to prepare a piece of soft wood about the size and shape only a little longer than an ordinary paper knife, with a notch in the end of it, then taking a piece of strong whipcord I directed him to make a slip noose in the end of it, and putting this over the notched end of the improvised paper knife, I passed it with my right hand up the palm of my left till I reached my fingers, and with their assistance succeeded in passing it around the ancle of the child and drew it tight; I then attempted version, but the child was so firmly grasped by the uterus that it would not turn without bringing the uterus with it.

Its protozoal nature is not universally accepted, however, and probably will not be for some time to come. I presume, however, that there is some danger of rupture of the tube during an attack; I am aware that conservatism is sometimes akin to cowardice, but the condition of the patient has hardly seemed to me to warrant a laparotomy. Lanphear has just given to the profession.

The dressing-room is furnished with a trolley for dressings and instruments, two metal tables on wheels after the pattern of operating tables, several large drums of sterilised dressings, soiled dressing box, etc. The two other chambers of the heart, the pulmonary auricle and right ventricle, although fully developed, appear to have taken no part in carrying on the circulation.

It wa.s very largely attended, and was a pleasant way for the delegates to become acquainted. The South Italian, the type of the ancient Ligurian, is the shortest of the white people and is apparently retrograding mentally and physically.

Their inability to agree may really represent the condition of thought in the profession, with reference to the particular subject matter under investigation. The wound healed by first intention without pain.

Gas development takes place, breaking up the gelatin, until the entire mass may eventually become fluidified, the growth sinking to the bottom.

I succeeded in making a case of Bright's disease much more comfortable by the use of Sanmetto, and am satisfied it should be used oftener in this disease.

A very lucid account of the history and progress of erysipelatous inflammation, when epidemic, has been given by Dr.

Special provision being made for this, the apparatus was adjusted and the patient was closely watched. Isfordink says that a really is apt to overact his part, to assert that he was suddenly affected with the disability, and to pretend that he is totally deaf. " word series." In many cases the two conditions are combined; but they may exist separately, and, where aphasia is present without" imperception," images remain intact. I found the plaster-ofParis jacket treatment cheap, handy, and eflScient; but, as a kind Providence has removed me from further charge of out-patients, I no longer have occasion to apply the jackets personally. The patient's condition being so good, and large sized bougies passing by mouth so easily, it was decided to close the gastric fistula.

Loomis's clientele was drawn from every city, from almost every town, in our broad country. The first was of a man, and complete left-sided ocular paralysis of this type. We are indebted for the progress to many workers, each adding something to the structure, though no name stands out so prominently in the whole field as that of the late distinguished French physician. After a pension shall have been granted to any person in consequence of his disability, it may be paid to him quarterly, on his presenting himself to the person who may be directed to make the payments; but if the payments are to be made to any other person on behalf of the pensioner, it shall only be done upon a regular power of attorney, made before, and attested by some justice of the peace or notary public, accompanied by a certificate from some commission officer of the navy, judge of the United States court, district attorney, or collector of the customs, that the pensioner was, to his knowledge, living at the time when the payment demanded became due, or that he had deceased on some given day since the preceding payment.

She was energetically treated by injections of benzoate of mercury, and, later, by perchloride in pills. They knew of no sign by which, on viewing a recruitj sidered this vindication due to his own character, for professional Regulations for the examination of recruits, careful inquiry is di-, rected to be made, as to a man's ever having been troubled with is it to end? The statement of a recruit, in regard to tlie disability m question, either negatively, or affirmatively, is not very concluf sive; and there is no other more satisfactory source of information. In the first case in which he tried it, it was given in small doses, only from five to eight grs. Flies are reported by Oelli to become infected with typhoid bacillus and excrete the bacilli in their feces. The use of cocaine by the patient himself should never be permitted, because of the danger of inducing the cocaine Dr.

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