The richer people sacrifice oxen and geese, the poorer folk sacrifice geese and guinea fowl. It is not uncommon in the course of the disease to get impaired mobility of the vocal cords. Several rooms in the basement and on the fii"st floorof the college buildingareused for a dispensary.

Let them make the most of the above-outlined occurrence. He related a number of very wonderful cures, including relief from constipation, suppressed and difficult menstruation, etc., by hypnotism, and strongly advocated the use of suggestion in proper cases. Every puncture of the liver by a needle causes a slight or even considerable flow of blood subsequently into the peritoneal cavity, as he had been able to prove clinically; but in all probability it is this very flow of blood which contributes to the marked benefit usually following liver pimcture. The bilious symptoms, often so prominent a feature in malaria, are the result of an excessive secretion of bile; the excess of bile in its turn depending on the excess of haemoglobin in the blood plasma. The active ingredients of venom appear to consist of a proteid body, temperature. In early cases simple punpture and a drainage-tube may suffice, but resection of ribs is indicated when there is much atelectasis, in order that the size of the pleural cavity may be diminished and filled up by granulation. In case the pendulous urethra is found normal I carry the tube into the membranous urethra by depressing the proximal end, and in this way examine the deep the walls of the urethra are closely approximated and the lumen varies in shape at different parts of Commencing at the bulb and extending to within an inch of the meatus, the lumen is transversely slightly oval; in the remaining portion it is either vertical or triangular, and at the meatus vertical. By deformities of the chest wall; there is a broad vertical groove on each side of the sternum, where the ribs and cartilages have fallen in, while the sternum and a portion of the cartilages have been thrust forward. In examining a specimen of urine from a patient who suffers from oxaluria, one remarks that unlike urine of a phosphatic character, it is generally bright and clear, and unlike that containing urates it is remarkably free from sediment. There were no signs of iritis, but there seemed to be a reflex spasm of the sphincter drop into each eye three times a day, and a borax wash for the whole affected surface, to be applied also three times a day.

Patholysis: decomposition of organic substances in the living body under the influence of disease-ferments, or disease-causes in general. Her heart was weak and the temperature normal.

Rare as saturnine gout is in the north of England and Scotland, it is quite as uncommon in Prance and Germany. The strong are more liable to attack than other lesions already mentioned, the skin may be the seat of petechia?, and the muscles of more extensive extravasations of blood. Convalescence, when it does set in, commences usually between the sixth and tenth days, although subsequently there may be much secondary trouble from sloughing of buboes, from boils, Abortion invariably occurs in pregnant females, the foetus presenting evidences of the disease.

The temperature in tuberculous patients is peculiarly sensitive to disturbing influences; it is well, therefore, in doubtful cases, to take it after a walk or excitement of any kind. I gave her a hypodermic injection of one-third of a grain of morphin to relieve her great suffering, and left her, with instructions to send for me at once if any urgent symptoms arose. There is great variety in the severity of the cases. A great number of the cures related by Gregory belong to the vigil class; others, again, were performed in sleep. Undoubtedly it is right now to go to the higher standard; perhaps it should have done an excuse for poor teaching, an institution unfavorably located for the initiation of the higher standard can do good work on the lower basis. The safest mode of remittance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the order of the undersigned.

This frame is then placed on the bed and the patient strapped onto it by webbing, one strap across the hips and two at the shoulders.

Woolen underwear is a grade better than cotton, but it, too, tlie very coldest weather, and in warm and hot weather it soaks and steams the skin until it becomes exceedingly sensitive and tender, making it exquisitely sensitive to the least change of temperature and prone to many eruptions. A divinity appeared to him by night as he lay there, and ordered him to mix with his food a drug made of honey, wine, and pepper.

When I ask this patient, for example, to close both eyes, he does so perfectly; when I ask him to close the left eye alone, he does this also with ease; but when I ask him to close the right eye alone, he finds it impossible to do so, although he is sure that in health he was able to close separately the right as well as the left eye. And first let me remark that the treatment which so rapidly causes subsidence of the obstinate inflammatory disorder does not act directly upon the diseased all that we do is to let out the fluid and provide against reaccumulation during the next few days while preventing the entrance of septic material.

But, though the experiment was so far a failure, it yielded fruit in an unexpected manner. They found that several green colouring matters in certain concentrations checked the growth of coli while permitting that of typhoid.

His history is endrely negative, except that at the age of seven or eight years he had a tooth extracted, and since that time has noticed a certain peculiarity about his face.

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