It may be alternated with the use of the wet towel and battery. B AE British Antarctic Expedition. In the treatment of such instances the chief uieclianieal problem consists in securing the shoulders as to jirevent this bending of the spine, when force is The following figure illustrates the form and mode of action of the meclianical appliance which Dr. It was thought tliat the limb was fixed by bony anchylosis.

Dr Handfield Jones's first edition has already been favourably second edition, which, however, has unfortunately greatly increased in size. It occurs more frequently in women past the middle-age, in those of a various forms of anemia.

So also the gesture in gastritis, whether acute or chronic, is wholly different from that in colic. BSmP Bolletino della Societa medica di Parma.

After this she wholly recovered and began to gain flesh, remaining in excellent health and spirits until her death, which is thus detailed by her brother in a letter of gratitude which no words can describe. Run over by a city horse car, the wheels passing over his foot high up in the instep, nearly severing the foot from the leg, with the exception of the astragalus and os calcis, the former being partially dislocated.

In studying the etiology of this disease, it should not be forgotten that the forces which keep the abdominal organs in anatomical attach nients. But, ah! for a sapling (" nice and handy" to thwack), And the muscles to"try it" on Quassia the Quack. This is one method of using the laryngoscope, by artificial light. For a long time before death, the stream of blood through the foramen ovale was evidently directed from left to right, especially during the attacks of palpitation, which were relieved by horizontal position, and never commenced while the patient was in bed. The only explanation I can give for the scanty secretion of urine is to suppose that the kidney is rotated on its short axis, so that the ureter and blood-vessels are coiled round one another, and the passage of blood to and from the kidney is thereby prevented. Ex-Attending Phys Free Dispensary in Same; Ex-Surg DANFORTH MORTIMER E. This disorder has no resem blance to the nephritis caused by scarlatina, and its treatment should be by hypodermoclysis, which can be best done in either flank and be supplemented by rectal irrigation with Kemp's rectal irrigator, Pertussis is essentially a spasmodic nervous disease affecting the larynx and caused by an infection whose specific agent has not yet been identified. We do not attempt to do that which the skilled authors of this report have wisely left undone.

Boiled), plain salad of lettuce, water-cress, dandelions. In favorable cases it proceeds to heal kindly, but in severe cases it may spread to the surrounding tissues and end fatally, some times by the absorption of putrid materials, or by the resulting weakness. Repeat in five to twenty minutes until it causes vomiting. Caspar both of Mulberry, Carroll co., Ohio.

Always when pleurisy is marked during the couree of a pneumonia, the resolution is very slow, and yet as a rule tliese cases recover entirely without the development of phthisis. COMBINED POLICIES EROM ONE TO FIVE YEARS. The cardiac sounds are indistinctly heard in the anatomical situation of the apex, being much more distinct over the area of impulse.

In disease, and the pain was very intense. The left heart are most often attected. Journal, that some months ago he used the ether-spray with success in the reduction of a rather large inguinal hernia in a boy about four years old, who had worn a truss from early infancy.

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