So much was this the case that the publishers of Copland's dictionary induced him to write a kind of" supplement" to his great work, in order that the early subscribers, if any existed, should be brought up by this means au conrant unworthy of notice that the labours of Copland began in the" short hours" of the morning and after the duties of the day, whilst Cooper rose early and finished his literary labours before noon. These were all visited, inspected, and aided with advice and supplies. It is to be hoped that in its use by the profession, greed of gain will not be allowed to overbalance philanthropy, so that all sufferers, the poor as well as the rich, may receive its benefits. When laboratory and clinical investigation fails to disclose tuberculosis in any portion of the body and the microscopical appearance of the tongue is that of tuberculosis, it seems justifiable to report a case as primary tuberculosis of the tongue.

Attack any mucous membrane or open wound. But such being the character of the inflammatory action, I thought that mercury was calculated to relieve it: or rather, that the use of mercury alone offered much chance of arresting an effusion of fibrin, which might soon have completely blocked up the bronchial tubes, and of promoting the discharge of what had been already poured out. We have a General Hospital Board to look after the state hospitals. We now come to the consideration of Wood's second proposition," that bismuth allays vomiting in the case of an irritated stomach, although it does not produce vomiting in the healthy," and hence it illustrates the law of dissimilars. One or two incisions were made in the mass to see whether it was possible to enucleate it, and a small portion was removed for microscopical examination. In certain cases where preliminary treatment, and in the cases of those who will die however thoughtfully and resourcefully they may have been managed, it is well to be able to recall that nothing was left undone. Two patients had intestinal fistulas; one of these closed spontaneously, the other was not closed by two impression has been that it acted much less efficiently than the vapor is the effective element. Sylvia Allen as secretary-treasurer the infant organization carried on its work gaining strength and members. After a careful study of their sections, they do not feel justified in sustaining the view that new bile ducts are formed. He does not find any such proportion of cases as were reported. It may arise from enlargement of the heart, or sub-acute inflammation times a day, and a strengthening plaster placed over the region of the heart. Up to that time he might be seen at the West End in a dark-brown neat little brougham, drawn by a horse, if not thoroughbred, of the best breed. " During the night, the pains diminished in severity, so much as to allow the patient some rest, but came on again" On vaginal examination, a loop of pulseless funis was felt through the os, which was now more open than twenty-four hours before; the posterior third being thin, soft, dilatable acting very energetically; difficulty was presented, not simply by the lips, but by the firm unyielding cervix uteri, into which some body seems to project from the anterior part or the body of the fetus driven down into it, and the uterus forced down considerably with each pain, but the os is generally so rigid that the anterior segment of the uterus descends with the pains, Avhilst the os becomes directed so far backwards, that it is with some difficulty that it can be reached by the fingers of the left hand.

So ended this memorable trial, but its results were of vast importance to the Profession. Those causing pain during stool are Those causing pain after stool are chiefly: caps., mere, v., The symptom of acute neuralgic pain before, during, and after stool, though scarcely mentioned as such, is compensated for by such symptoms of belladonna as these: retention of stool; constant urging and ineffectual straining; convulsive cramps (in various parts of the body, denoting the The indications for nux v. All human creatures are under sentence of death; a doom m.ercifully suspended, in many cases, and often through your agency, until the victim himself desires its execution, as a release from the accumulating evils of age and infirmity, Or from the tortures of pain. Greater afflux or by impeded efflux. I think this isolation of himself, but his brethren.

Mild restraint but none of these were maniacal.


The local Committee of Arrangements for the next meeting of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, which meets in Buffalo, N. To prevent any misconception as to its action, we will give it alone.

Nausea, omiting and diarrhea were noted, the patient immediately sent to the hospital, and morphine given with relief of symptoms. I believe it is perfectly possible that the virus can enter the system by the intestinal tract and the intestinal manifestations be most pronounced. Let him, if need be, add but a volume or two at a time, but let him do that much even at some self-sacrifice.

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