On section it docs not collapse, and pronounced reticulations mark its internal surface. However, it appears that tuberculosis is still one of our major causes of dependency. Such change in the heart muscle was not infrequently recognized by men of large The Origin of the Intrapelvic Treatment of the Stump after Supravaginal Hysterectomy for GoFFE, of New York, referred to the hopeless attitude of the profession in the latter part of the century toward the surgical treatment of fibroid tumors. Garland's method of treating prolapse of the cord by rotating the body of the foetus in the uterus, and thus winding the Dr.

Thus, an epileptiform attack may involve the arm, or leg, or the face and arm, or the whole of one side of the body. The gastric process is only preliminary and partial, the digestion even of proteids being completed in the intestine. The percentage of recovery in by Fournier and Eumpf, which probably depends on the fact that they were not observed over a sufficiently long period. He had previously been of the opinion that no men, suspected of having tuber PROCEEDINGS OP NATIONAL AND LOCAL SOCIETIES. They usually occur at night or in the early morning. Rolleston: to time, and at least once a year, be printed, published, and sold in the several districts of the United Kingdom, as directed by the General Mwlical Council from time to time; and copies of these registers shall Moved by Dr. Beside, the feeling of comfort enjoyed by the patients should encourage its use more frequently ( By narrowing or widening the caliber of the tube at a certain place a murmur in the silent current, always provided the rapidity of the stream is sufficient. Indeed, there is good reason to think that, to use a simile, the vessels which hold it must he not only iilled to the brim and delicately poised, but must be actually overflowing. He trusted, however, that Scotland and Ireland would follow the example of England, and form conjoint boards. (See Auscultation of the Veins.) TRANSITION FORMS BETWEEN THE AURICULAR AND THE VENTRICULAR VENOUS PULSE; THE CAROTID WAVE Such forms are due most frequently to the varying degrees of completeness of the from the carotid pulse (after Mackenzie). Intracellularis meningitidis is the true cause of the epidemic form of cerebro-spinal The bacteriology of posterior-basic meningitis, of the type described in this paper, has been investigated by our friend and colleague Dr. The estimates Manchester, seems to have been very closely traced to milk-contamination by Dr. Moderate in amount and has come on in the early morning hours, but very often it has appeared at other times without any apparent cause. The fresh koumiss they call soumal, the old koumiss. Considerations led to giving the general practitioner such an important role in this program. The cases included in localising symptoms, which indicate more or less clearly the exact position of the new growth, are also present. Sight fails gradually until total amaurosis results from optic atrophy, which has all the characters of beijig primary, and in the majority of cases is undoubtedly so; though Mr. Tympanic cavities contained muco-pus, otherwise normal. Cholangitis also presents a suppurative type which is nearly always associated with antecedent lesions of the biliary tract, the most common of which are gallstones and tumors causing obstruction of the ducts. If blood be present, the mixture will turn violet blue; if not, it turns red brown, with often a slightly greenish tinge. The incision of the sphincter ani, as first practiced by Boyer, consisted in the complete division of both sphincters. The subjective symptom, pain, is a very valuable and reliable aid to diagnosis in the intellectual and level headed patient, and a very misleading guide in the patient whose vocabulary is poor or whose sensitiveness is greatly increased. Discoveries have been made in every branch of medicine and surgery. E., those turning blue litmus-paper red, in one group, and the chlorin-containing constituents, which we must consider in testing for hydrochloric acid, in another: (c) Acid salts (acid phosphates).

London with her wealth of clinical material did not avail herself of her splendid facilities and with scarcely a struggle allow'ed Germany to reap fame and fortune from foreign medical men and students, a considerable proportion of which were Americans.

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