For if meats and drinks be of a raw, gross nature, and not so well prepared as they ought to be, yet if a man eat and drink but sparingly with a perfect appetite, the stomach (nature's laboratory) will make better nourishment thereof, than it can of the best food, when too great quantities are crammed into the belly, for the natural heat and stomach are of a wonderful nature; when free from these burdensome, gross humors it can, as it were, digest and kill the poisonous juices of unclean food, and by an innate power cast off the malignancy thereof if the quantity be not too great. Like the magic toy, which presents scattered pebbles and broken fragments of painted glass in regular forms, and clothes them with beautiful colors, Hope arranges again in order our disappointed plans and broken expectations, and invests them anew with the rainbow As difficulties and perplexities gather around the path of the youthful student, while he wanders amid the mazes of doubtful truth, and darkness seems gathering around him; when his feet become weary and his heart faint, he looks through the Kaleidoscope, and his drooping spirit is cheered with the sight of images of surpassing loveliness and beauty, that are to burst upon him when knowledge shall have revealed to him her mysteries, and admitted him to the honors and rewards with which she crowns and endows her votaries. The other case died six hours after the operation of heart failure. Curtis, Daniel, Jeddo, Orleans Co.

The importance of this in appraising the merits of dietaries low in protein for man cannot be over-estimated. Surfaces, (b) ligaments, (c) synovial membranes, (d) actions of the muscles of mastication. A sufficient amount of ether is poured into the bottle and the catgut immersed in this for twenty-four hours until all fat has been extracted.

The most remarkable incident of the case was the total absence of bruit.

I left him, greatly puzzled, not being able to reconcile the favorable appearance of the man with the horrible crime I saw him again the next morning, and meeting with no better confidence, if he had over heard or seen anything he could nol understand.

Ii is necessary, however, to intcrposi a p the narrow filament dins not illuminate the object equally in all din bul in general the quantity ol In; In available per unit area ol tin'" do othci lighl is available, bul in th iin ihc although the actual amount ol light emitted able, will shortly Ix- available and will be from M embodies a somewhat new bul very simple method. Here is one of it advantages: it is a medicine willingly taken, rarely fails to pro duce a favorable result and unless the dose be very large, is harmless. A Practical Handbook for the Use of Flax, Hemp, and Jute Spinners, Thread, Waste Silk Spinning.

THE POLICY OF MINDING ONE'S OWN" O wad some power the giftie gie us, To see ourselves as itkers see us." It is curious to observe the disposition that prevails with many people to interfere with the business of their neighbors and to neglect their own. Ko one should be without this valuable preparation, especially those who are subject to dandruff eruptions of the skin, falling off of the hair, dizzy or nervous headache. It was the combination of this with highly trained powers of observation that made Galen the medical authority of the middle ages. A committee of three was appointed who will formulate rules of the contest, which I. He has never struck or injured his leg, and never had any sudden seizure pain in his left leg, particularly of a morning, when he rose from bed. To such," a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Still, with the short time before you, much can be accomplished if you are methodical in your studies. -erum agar, and tins i- closed with a sublimated rubl er It i- not necesaarj for the routine diagnosis of meningoco meningitis to identify the cocci more closely, but, if desired the culture may be tested a described later with various In making cultures from the nasopharynx we have used Btored for week- m perfeel condition for immediate use. The patient had typhoid fever, and apparently a reinfection. True, emphysema is very frequently complicated with capillary bronchitis, which is the chief cause of obstruction of the minuter bronchi diminishing their expulsive power, fiavors the occurrence of permanent inspiratory expansion. There was one small subconjunctival haemorrhage in the left eye. A safe rule to follow is that a tumor which can be removed without rink of life should not be treated by have been ten deaths; ten peritoneal accidents due to disease of appendages. There was no doubt about the chancre here. Here genu valgum, due to curvature of tibia and femur, or genu varum due to curvature of tibia, may be present.

The Chemistry and Gatehouse, F. Externus, obturator internus, superior gemellus, inferior crura are vertical. Tlie characteristic symptoms, from which we can infer the formation of one or more haemorrhagic infieurctions in a case of disease of the heart, are, a sudden dyspnoea, which may threaten suffocation, and a cough with a peculiar sputum tinged with blood. Harsh, barking cough, of long standing, and chronic hoarseness, running from time to time into aphonia, complains of a sensation of burning, or soreness upon speaking or coughing; but these symptoms (although sometimes so distressing that tlie sufferer, in order to avoid pain, speaks entirely absent, even when very extensive ulceration exists.

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