This was the case at Over the excreta of a typhoid patient was blocked, and its contents got in the main pipe of the of a single typhoid patient getting into a small stream wliich discharged into the river supplying the town with water.

Its very powerful active principle is digitalin. Leave the pears whole, or cut them into quarters and take out the cores. Many birds of excitable temperament are apt to break into loud, detached notes, which spoils their song to the ear of an adept in canary The song of the canary is evidently a matter of choice and training, and the German song canary has a voice vastly more beautiful than that of the wild bird.

Two separate inoculations of her urinary sediment into guinea-pigs gave negative results. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL City the most extensive epidemic of infantile paralysis of modern times.

The first fact which it brought out, was a distinction between the anterior and posterior segments of the lateral column. Those who followed him used this form of speech much more freely, and quickly erected his personality into the dignity of a God, magnified him and his mission, and soon saw him generally accepted as the equivalent of the Messiah, for whom Greeks and Jews alike had longed.

In order to determine at what stage in the development of the disease the virulent organisms could be transmitted by dental flies, the time that elapsed between the feeding on the infected host and its death was noted.

Stomach expression on a special supper and Ewald breakfast showed no retention, an excess of HCl, but no blood. Huntington, presenting impartially opposite aspects of this question, and to thera we would refer our readers for information and discussion.

A "list" patient was brought before Billroth with a swelling in theperinseum. Shattuck, in his editorial notice, says that"the work has achieved great success and has been adopted as the text-book in the theory and practice of medicine in Harvard University." In Germany and Austria it has taken the place of Niemeyer's famous work, and is considered equal with Eichorst's practice of medicine, being recommended as the text-book in the medical department of Vienna University:

The axilla was also opened, ana infected glands removed. He believes that its action in chloroform poisoning is not only useless, but positively pernicious, masmuch as it intensifies the very risks to which chloroform itself is liable. He warned young men not to undertake such cases unless they intended to dentists pay special attention to the subject. When necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations will be furnished without cost to Subscriptions may begin at any date. In sections stained with methylaniline the characteristic cells of the diseased tissue, and the endothelium of the bloodvessels, were seen to contain rods and elongated spheroids. The evil has long been recognized, and is on the increase. Inspection tours were made of all departments in the ho.spital, the medical supply, laundry, wards, kitchens and power house. Anopheles squamosus, drug in the Gold Anopheles superpictus (see A. From all parts of Europe, wherever any commandery of the Order was maintained, was paid tribute to the Grand Master, as may be adjudged even to-day, long after French rapacity had robbed the city of many of its treasures. Loring and Derby, of New York City, there was but twenty-seven per cent, of myopia in the highest class.


Login - another communication, from the clerk of the village of Cannington, made complaint also that the condition of a mill-pond was a public nuisance and injurious to health. Bake in a buttered dish about thirty minutes, or until thick doctors and brown. No explanation is given of the method of making physical examinations. On the Amazon the doctor is paramount.

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