He regarded peritonsillitis a very good name for quinsy, but he did not believe there was a peritonsular capsule proper: Seventeen students were enrolled the religious of the Hotel-Dieu and situated on the west side of Guy Street, near Dorchester. The least touch down was painful, and the patient demanded relief at any price.

Especially desirable is it to avoid exposure to the cold east and north-east winds which prevail in this country in the early months of spring, and which are apt to be provocative of what has been called a" chill on the liver," a condition which no doubt is brought about by the chilling effects of these winds on the skin, and a consequent reflex affection of the metabolism of the liver-cells. In September she had pain in the back and both sides, especially when sweeping, stooping or lifting. The average number of lymphocytes per

Diss, Leo (Albert J.) Beitrag zur Geschichte der Leo (Robert Richard). The twin electric beds were promptly ordered through a reputable, local department store. We must know that it will meet as many indications in the case as are met by alcohol. If symptoms leave, many patients just will not return when told, and will discontinue any In marked contrast is the occasional patient with a real phobia, such that he returns repeatedly because he feels his disease has relapsed, advanced or done irreparable damage. Occasionally, in long-continued cases the contracted muscles undergo a degree of atrophy, which is attended by diminished electrical excitability,, and Gowers states that general muscular atrophy has also been observed following tetany. But immediate union of divided nerve tissue does not occur. At my next visit the symptoms were unchanged, "site" except her body was failing and na tumor could be felt in tkt epigastrium. A similar officer of the committee working in co-operation with the Ontario Department of Education and the Children's Aid The committee assumed responsibility for the continuance of the Psychiatric Outdoor Clinic attached to the Social Service Department of the Toronto General Hospital and established a similar clinic in Montreal. , as a practitioner of medicine, claiming that he had been in continuous practice in this county since five different places in the county where he had been in practice during that time.

Culpeper's English family physician, or medical herbal enlarged, with several hundred additional plants, principally from Sir John Hill. I found him in great alarm and very much agitated. Erichsen has for years made a business of being an expert for people with injured spines, but that he has never yet found a case that proved fatal. When a competent number of assistants were at hand, I have generally used dry, hot cloths, changing them frequently. When their gums feel bad, they will show a disposition to bite any hard substance that they can get hold of. Many have found by experience that rubbing the unaffected eye is quickly followed by relief of pain in, and rapid recovery of, the other eye; while rubbing the organ into which the sharp particle has blown usually results in increased pain and discomfort.


'' With that part of his argument against its use in any shape, manner, or form, as a beverage, we have nothing to do. And as it will be necessary to regulate the bowels in order to facilitate the elimination of the poison from the system while improving the patient's general condition, it is just as well to begin at Many so-called remedies have been used in the treatment of this disease, including, of course, mercury and physician, conceived the idea that alum (sulphate of alum and potash, or ammonia) would be a good remedy in this disease on account of the sulphuric acid in it, which he supposed would combine with the lead and render the latter inert. Our childhood discipline was mostly a conformity brought about by either reward or punishment meted out by whichever parent was nearest or in control of the household at that moment. Bensema, MD, Lexington John V.

In this brief essay, I am not concerned to touch particularly on this point.

Skeletons, ghosts, and other hideous forms mingle with the actual personalities about. Surgeons operated with dirty instruments and septic hands and wore coats which had been for years baptized with the blood of victims." The effort to establish a modern system of nursing in the Montreal General was not successful at that time, but was Norah Livingstone, a graduate of the New York Hospital training school, who brought with her as assistants two graduates of the school. The August Board Meeting is to review final reports of KMA standing and ad hoc S pecial guests and speakers at the Board meeting included Lt Governor Stephen L. Die Entziiuduug der Wirbelbeine, ihre Arten und ihr Ausgang in Jaenichen (Paulus Mauritius). Hendler, MD, medicine, professor; Walter D. The mouth of the sac is shrunk onto a glass tube sealed into the V-tube by a rubber sac and the dialysate fluid are layered with vasehne, or the V-tube may be placed in an anaerobic jar.

Of Canada, the visiting committee was superseded by five inspectors appointed by the Legislative Assembly. On the foetus in utero, as inoculating the maternal with the peculiarities of the paternal organism, and on the influence thereby exerted by the male on the constitution and the reproductive powers of Harvey (Francis M.) An inaugural dissertation on intermittent fever (Kentucky school supposita et phsenornena, quibus veteruin recentiorumque dogmata dc febribus, tussi, phthise, asthmate, etc., convelluntur; aliaque i tion, with remarks on a supposed great case j The conclave of physicians; detecting their intrigues, frauds, and plots against their patients.

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