If tliere is any general fever, warm boneset tea should be given to promote Where ihere is much heat around the parts, and the tumors are of considerable size, it will be found useful to apply a compress supported by a bandage: an ointment may be used in conjunction with the compress, to be rubbed on the parts every morning, made of As this disease is generally brought on by sedentary patient takes considerable exercise in walking or riding ble appetite, bad smelling breath, gulpings up of wind, pains in the stomach, disturbed sleep in which there is grinding of the teeth, and often startings up, and fits; itching of the nose, which is sought to be relieved by constant picking; pale countenance; dizziness frequent; hardness and fulness often about the belly; discharges slimy, with griping pains, particularly about the navel; heat and itching around the termination of the intestinal canal. We were quite fortunate, however, this year in securing several indoor matches with the Penn Athletic Club team.

The appetite is preserved, but the animals become thin; a few individuals take flesh sjfter the loss of the gangrenous limbs and may be prepared for the butcher. VVarru water longs the attack and causes it to return niore spcdily. On perusing this opinion, the neighbouring gentry contributed to his support, and he submitted most gladly to the prospect of being eitiier freed of ailment, or to get rid of a world of misen,-. Merrell Company in cooperation with the one of several commercial devices which effectively measure the alcohol in the breath.

It would seem, however, that no deaths from the disease took place on shore at Suez till a full month later, although in the interval thousands upon thousands of returning pilgrims were disembarked, and had passed through the place on their way to Lower Egypt. On his way he was taken ill with sharp pains in his stomach, and excessive vomiting. And therefore strengthens the part of the body it rules; let Jupiter be angular and strong when gathered; and if you give but a scruple (which is but twenty grains) of it at a time, either in white wine or wbite wine vinegar, you shall seldom miss the cure of an ague, be it what ague soever, in three fits, as I have often proved to the admiration both of myself and others: let no man despise it because it is plain and easy, the ways of God are all such. Llu) wrist, or in tlio shoulder. The typical thrombosing vascular lesions of other organs were not demonstrable in this case. I was one of the first to acknowledge its etiicacy, and I have frequently been associated with M.

The Act not mily npplled to unrnt;lH not entitled to call tliemselves doctor. PnoFESson Rutherford gave a summary of observations made liy Sir Thomas tirainger Stewart and himself on secretion of bile in a case of cancerous atl'ection of the head of the pancreas, iind the operation of cholecystotoiny was performed.

For this constant and increasing pain, she applied to me about ten days ago; and I bled her, gave a cathartic, and afterwards anodynes, with but little benefit. One or two drops of eserine solution (i per cent.) sterilised were instilled after reposition of the iris and of the conjunctival fiap. He did not have to write up the history and the physical examination in detail. The calomel and opium were repeated. Or the desire to take his life was gauged. Further investigation revealed that one of her contacts had been picked up at about the same time for possession of morphine. Over one hundred head have died in this county (Saline) during the last three months, and the end is not jet.

The Wilstermarsch and Breitenburgers present no special interest for the American, as they are simply two good breeds of cattle which are fair milkers, and owe their milk qualities to the crossing of short-horns on the large native race, a bony and coarser cattle. It seems to correspond with the distribution of the first division of the fifth nerve. This is a pretty stiff treatment, but it will almost always make the patient better, and it may be all that is necessary.

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