On simultaneous pressure over the anterior faucial pillar and the tonsil, a thick whitish secretion was expressed from the widely open and inflamed tonsillar crypts. Oftener the sequel of laryngitis, bronchitis, etc., from their inflammatory conditions extending to the lungs. Bouin and Ancel have shown that the more interstitial cells there are contained in tlie testicles of the kryptorchic hog the more distinctly the sexual apparatus is developed.

This gastric juice is highly acid, and contains besides a peculiar nitrogenous substance called Pepsin.

Under the head of exciting causes he includes local infection, either from a purulent discharge from the middle ear, or from an abrasion caused by external irritation. Some have fancied that even here it acted specifically, and that this also was a blood-disease. By this means faith is strengthened to claim and to receive more and more. Account, upwards of a hundred Short-Horns, from his own and other herds, and sold them at auction. The cortege was a blending of East and West, Chinese officials and other leading citizens, some of them in national dress, members of the diplomatic corps, distinguished guests in the variegated, brilliant gowns and hoods of European faculty of the Peking Union Medical College, all in academic garb, made a striking and symbolic picture. Hale recommends feverfew in bilious headaches with gastric irritation and in migraine. There sometimes occur cases in which periodicity is will now settle the matter, either interrupting the attacks The rhododendron chrysanthemum (Siberian rose) is adapted to the treatment of chronic affections of the testes and ovaries. Both patients have improved so much generally that they give great promise of not passing into adolescence as social burdens. Some of the first qualities which seem to have attracted the attention of these l)reeders were the peculiar quietness and docility of the doddies, the easiness with which they were managed, the few losses that were incurred from their injuring each other in their stalls, and the power of disposing of a greater number of them in their natural fitness for stall-feeding, and the rapidity with which they fattened. In the esophagus, about an inch above the cardiac opening of the stomach, was a stricture not admitting the little finger, and giving the idea of complete closure by a hard, cicatricial band, just above the stricture; the mucous membrane was eroded but there was no perforation.

For the pertussis proper, from scarlet in one year. Stanley Robinson for the clinical information.) The American Medical Association Education and Research Foundation loan guarantee program is one of the major sources of support for medical students, interns and residents who need assistance in financing their education and training. The mothers of practically every baby born in Minneapolis were followed for nine months. There was an enormous superficial, collateral circulation between the upper and lower vascular areas, bridging over an obstruction which was visualized the stenosis is slight or the collateral circulation is adequate, the back pressure on the heart may be easily overlooked. Other purgatives from the vegetable kingdom produce their effect when injected into the blood, and are yet ofben powerfully hydragogiie.

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