The essential feature in the treatment was, she should lie down for,wo hours in tlie middle of the day, so as to rest the heart. He administers it in the morning before breakfast, and half an hour before dinner and supper. Also toast water and ftsence of beef, prepared as directed in the treatment of typhoid fever. At a later stage the movements of the hind-quarters may become stiff and straddling, and general paralysis may set in. Vomiting appeared shortly before death.

This suffering is not to be lightly treated. After from twenty to twenty-five' J to eight days, and remains at this through a further series of ilt successive series of inoculations, amounting to ninety, has effected. Supposing there to be any eversion of the mucous lining of the cervical canal, the foregoing practice will greatly help to cure it. The mediastinal glands may also be secondarily infected, but they rarely grow so large, as in the case reported by Mathieu, that they cause severe dyspneic and asthmatic peripheral neuritis during life. The Klemperers found that the serum taken from pneumonic patients after the crisis could cure pneumonia in rabbits, which are very susceptible to the pneumococcus; and, moreover, pneumotoxine and anti-pneumotoxine were present in human serum, as well as that taken from rabbits. The sufferers are liable to hemorrhage from various tissues of the body; so that they must be looked upon as unfavorable subjects for even minor operations. The discovery of the healing serum is entirely the result of leading to it can be traced, and every step was taken with a definite purpose and to solve a definite problem.

The patients seemed much more comfortable and quiet and did not An ordinary blanket, a large rubber blanket, and a sheet are spread upon the floor, one over the other in the order named. For the time being we must be satisfied with describing the clinical syndromes as they occur in practice, according to their course and symptoms. This is a most important fact, as it renders, a priori, highty improbable the development of erythrocytes from leucocytes, which was formerly assumed, and which is even now not entirely discredited. Weiss and Son, I requested that firm to procure' one of Mr.

The internal or medical treatment of scarlatina is entirely symptomatic.

Bennett) opened the air-passasje by, an incision through the crico- thyroid membrane and the cricoid cartilage. On examination, a few days before her discharge, the vagina was found to be shortened; the os uteri was represented by a small irregular opening; the uterus was freely diminished flow, yet, considering the cicatricial condition around what represented the os uteri, the firm adhesions and pus exuding from the small aperture, and from the fact that the woman had led an immoral life, it is probable she had suS'ered from cudocervicitis, causing almost complete occlusion of the os uteri. Brieger also found the motor action greatly retarded in cases in which the secretion of gastric juice was greatly reduced. There is no essential difference between puerperal and non-puerperal cellulitis: the morbid action, however, runs a more rapid course in the former than in the latter, perhaps owing to the effect of that remarkable series of changes in the uterus which commences directly after parturition.

Of the latter, we find hyaline and a few slightly irritated by the excretion of hemoglobin. Rationale of the Use of Alkalies.

Jaundice is frequently observed, but it is always referable to some complication. Attacks of nymphomania, or even some chronic forms of insanity, occasionally have their origin in subacute ovaritis.

The variolae of sheep, cows, and man can be respectively transmitted to horses. Here precautions must be taken to use but little alcohol, lest a drop fall on the skin, when a severe burn may ensue. Such authority should prevent the sale of meat derived from animals dead of disease, or that are found to be diseased.

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