Studies of cultures upon blood agar were made from the nasopharynx in thirty-five cases including patients, resident physicians, nurses and attendants.

A great many medical officers from the country will soon be going to the front and a book such as the one under notice, which contains the essentials of information required by those serving with troops, particularly in the zone of advance, should be extremely useful. The slight hypertrophy of the liver cells and nuclei may perhaps represent an effort to compensate for the tissue destroyed by vascular distension. It is much more prevalent in certain countries and districts than in others.


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Meanwhile the sohdity of the bones is lessened more and more so that they hecome bent or fractured on sudden motion, especially on rising or lying down, sometimes even for apparently verj- insigniticant causes. Lambert, of Lille, saw a man, who that day had sustained a violent spinal injury in the upper dorsal region, with paraplegia and complete loss of the reflexes following.

Of the face, head and back of the neck, the itching of which disturbed sleep very much. The attack on the enemy's work at Rich Mountain was made by infantry against artillery, cavalry, and infantry. Devon crosses, and a few Shorthorn crosses. This rapidly grows in size till in a few weeks there is a raw surface from four inches to a foot square. All patients who have had can use a pillow under the dependent hip and lower thorax, to give dependent drainage to the trachea ( The perusal of the figures given are an interesting sidelight on the burden which the United States assumes in assimilating its foreign population.

This society of the formidable name was well attended by large employers of labor, by lawyers, and doctors, and by many disabled soldiers themselves. From first to last there is progressive anemia; the blood at first presents a normal character, but after a varying period of time it undergoes marked changes. Notification, as in the case of tuberculosis, has been proposed and indeed instituted, I believe, in some communities. A small One does well in a Chamber; and, the Chimney being fitted for it, it may be removed "coupon" from one room to another, as Occasion requires, and fixed in half an Hour.

Later there may be extreme stupor and finally complete unconsciousness; the animal gets down, is completely helpless and occasionally makes forced involuntary movements with the extremities.

The fact presented in this table of most interest to us is the manifest increase in virulence toward the end of the series. It is unnecessary to refer to all of the writers by name, but the inclusion within the list of such well-known men as Hale White, Rose Bradford, Manson, Luff, Sir Lauder Brunton, read: readable from its easv stvle, and easv to read owing to the clearness of the print. That was above the dose generally recommended, but he had found an immediate improvement in the mental symptoms on six grains a day.

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