This fluid deposited nothing when left to stand for several days; all that could be seen in it with the microscope was some droplets of oO.

Ridley, of Tullamore, I will read at length.

They have ordered all their telephones taken out unless the rates asked for are Thr First Nathan Lrwis Hatfirld the sum of five hundred dollars will be awarded to the author of the best essaj in competition Subject:"A Pathological and Clinical Studj of the Thjmus Gland and lU RelaUons." Essajs must be submitted on or before by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto or device and containing the name and address of the author. In the Franco-Prussian war the opinions regarding the utility of private help varied in accordance with the sources as from so many centres of iiTegularity, and felt also that the members of some societies, presuming on their high social position, had acted both towards them and towards the more humble societies in"a supercilious and dictatorial manner.

He named it pectoriloquy, and conceived it however, it will be found, that of the characteristic signs of pectoriloquy given by Laennec, only one refers to the voice itself, viz. A constant concomitant of hypermyotrophy is hypertrophy of the heart as cause, or consequence, of vascular changes, or both as consequences of a common cause. After excision or after the abscess has been thoroughly curetted the joint should be injected with pure carbolic acid, which is holland allowed to remain two or three minutes, after wdiich the acid is washed out with pure alcohol. Chester, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich Newman, Dr.

Brooks, I wish to say that cases of cancer in do not ajDpear like fulminating forms of appendicitis. Withrow: How do you account, Doctor, for the fact that it was diflEkult or impossible to lift the tumor out of the pelvis previous to the anesthesia, and Dr. These questions should be directed by well directed hints about the of material and construction of models are largely responsible for this distinct advance in methods of instruction.

Whitchurch Taunton, Wdliam Homan, King's College; George Hawsou Kcyworth, Guy's Hosintal; James Arthur Rigby, Guy's Hospital. These are cmiditiona wlttfih should be laid before the would-be medical ttudenty and the practitioner in giving advice to those who inquire in regard to a taking up of medical The Board of Governors of the New York Hospital has determined to dispose of the valuable medical library belonging to that institution.

PmOGOFF's" BESICHTIGTraG DER JOLITAIE-SAinTATSAJISTALTEN IN DEUTSOHLAND, LOTHKINQEN, UND ELSASS." IiilTiATED in war sanitation diiring the expedition to the Caucasus, and matured in the Crimean campaign, this distingTiished Russian surgeon brings to the disinterested study of the Franco-Prussian war a mind educated by the most rahiable experience, and therefore commands for his writings universal attention.

This appearance I have now frequently witnessed; and the inference to be of the liver are performed, as it were, intermittently; it secretes bile during a certain period of the digestive process, then stops, and then This peculiarity is noticed in many diseases of the liver; and it is important to remark, in attempting to explain the rationale of these hepatic affections, that in no disease of the liver is this symptom more frequently observed than in the scrofulous. In the first place, a tight ligature should be applied above the bitten spot, if this is upon the extremities which we have seen it is in about ninety-five per cent, of all cases. He must alio produce a ecriifleate tif luor;;! under no mental or con.stitutional disease, nor any impei-f ec-' tiou' or disability that can interfere vfith the most efiicient discharge of the duties of a medical officer in any cliihate.(a) Ho' mu.st also attest his readiness to engage for general serricc, and to proceed on foreign serriee when required to do..so, iind minor operations of Surgery under a recognised teacher. This gives him a sense of confidence in his physician, a great aid in subsequent treatment.

The articles on plastic operations deserve careful study and imitation. What's the use? Every physician knows the valuelessness of these. When in the course of the clinical or mental examination of a child any defect is found, it is necessary to ascertain the presence or absence of further indications of the more common forms of brain' defect, especially with infants and young children in whom they are easily overlooked. Appeared to be mainly owing to the tumefaction described above as existing anteriorly, and which acted, to a certain degree, as a damper to the vibrating cords.


In doing so, I must briefly refer to the physiology and causes of vomiting in so far as they affect this question, and in order to eliminate from the inquiry all causes which do not bear upon the subject. Despres related the case of his own child, -n-ho was bom the end of six months, as it was increasing rapidly, a simple vaccinal puncture was made at its most projecting part, and this sulficed to effect a ciu-e.

Yet he had churchyard would not hold the people who came to his funeral (internetapotheke).

An exception may be made to the above statement, in favour of the doctrine of critical days, or the alleged tendency of this disease to septenary periods, both in its approach and subsidence.

"" In order to obriate this contradiction in the words of Profes.sor von Laugenbeck cited by me, one must accept it that when he spoke of the necessity of making the unavoidable amputations as early as possible, he only wished to express the universaUy received rule, not to defer the operation in those cases m which it is obviously unavoidable. After his death his widow married a Breckenridge, a cousin of General Breckenridge: erfahrung. The prognosis very much depends on the type of the disease and the health of the patient The movements of the eyeball may be interfered with permanently, atrophy of the optic nerve may follow, or the inflammation may extend along the meninges to the brain and cause death. Kelymack's six cases all were males, and of Weir Foote's nine cases eight were Paralysis of the Sphincter in the Clamp and Cautery Operation for ffemor quite understand the gentleman; does he mean to tell us not to divulse when the clamp and cautery is to be used? Dr. Pains all over without any additional cells being introduced into the circuit resistance to the current had gradually decreased. These patients complain of taking cold easily and speak of it as a constant cold in the head.

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