All periodicals or books taken out email must be signed for and returned at a specified time. She was able to see her way about, but could not read or sew. Some would make this the penalty for every breach ol profeftsional good manners, wbllo others would meet anyooo posseBsing: a legal qualification. If we can only make up our minds that it is a waste of time and money to try to educate them, then perhaps it will be possible to let them go to work.

They were often spoken of as dictated by superciliousness, liauteur, vanity, carelessness of the feeUngs ot others. The anterior are elevated slightly and coyered by a yellowish debris. His career as an eminent physician honored the profession which he adorned. Any concurrent nasal disease or systemic condition on which the ear trouble may depend must, of course, be duly treated. Since! have grouped under several heads the causes of this vague, expressing only a general formula, soon took a more concrete form and the expression, lesions.of the appendages, In every intra-uterine galvanic application there are two which the current is supported and tolerated by the patient Th-.iiich is the most important of the two) comprising all the sensations experienced by the patient the same day and the following ones. I have a house that for four Tears iwst has been so warmed from the ootside or rerandali which surrounds the house, and main building vanes but UtUe winter or summer (aa might be expected). The hffimorrhage may soon extend forwards and become visible beneath the conjunctiva, or, if not, in a day or two the characteristic staining appears in the eyelids or beneath the conjunctiva. In effecting this change the combatant officers of the Army had been well Beconded by the officers of the medical Sir WiLLtAM Mac Cormac, in proposing the toast of"Our Gnests," said that Sir W. It is not the man who knows he has contracted syphilis and seeks treatment betimes that is ruined for life, but the comrade who shares his pipe or his spoon, or the fiancee who receives his polluted kiss, and who carries the disease untreated for months or years until irreparable damage has been of the syphilitic morbidity is due to extragenital infection, the disease being unrecognized and untreated for years, and so transmitted to the unborn children, implanting in them the seeds of early death, of degeneracy, and of parasyphilitic affections.

REPORT OF COUNCILLOR OF THIRD DISTRICT North Carolina State Medical Society, Pinehurst, N: portal.hhchealth.org.

Williams found genital tuberculosis seven times in ninety-one - - in which the tubes and ovaries were removed for purulent process or for adhesions; in other words, genital tuberculosis may be expected to occur in about one out of every twelve operations for the removal of tubes and ovaries the seat of past or present inflammatory disease; in only two out of the seven cases was the disease recognized at the time of the operation, so have escaped observation were it not for the routine examination practised with the microscope; it will consequently become evident that up to this time most of the statements as to the frequency of genital tuberculosis represent only one quarter of the actual number of cases, the other three quarters having previously escaped attention. The very worst charge which has been brought against the trained nurse is the unconscious way she may undermine the physician's influence by remarks as to different management of former cases under someone else. Tried in desperate cases especially where there is a tendency to pulmonary oedema. Professor Duncan's agreeable style makes the wonders he describes seem doubly fascinating, and it is a pleasure Medical Officer, Melbourne Hospital for Sick Children, Thomas hip splint in tuberculous co.xitis in preference to any other"mode of treatment. Tbe immunity did not extend to other fevers, aach as explain the diminished fatality of amall-pox by improved sanitation, first because it was by no means proved that sanitation had any material influence npon the spread of the disease; and, secondly, because other diseases which were communities which escaped small-pox, and was never found vaccination. The patient should at once put on a high-laced shoe and be instructed to walk without limping. Later, the face may become blue along with blueness of the fingernails and lips as the supply of air is gradually cut off.

She was dragged from her uncle, and locked in a chamber, from whence faer (brieks were heard by the unfortunate old man till he had pafled the of long duration. There was no ulceration of the intestines.


Upon that thought the Committee suggested that since Gaul had given this question a good deal of thought and study, and since the matter was presented by him to the House of Delegates originally, that we ask him to call a meeting in Raleigh in the near linkedin future, which invite to that meeting representatives of each of the ten groups named under his original draft. Any one can buy a battery of some sort, for the market is glutted with machines of the most inexpensive and worthless construction. Thus it appears that only twenty per cent, of prospective medical students are shut out by the requirements of the Association.

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