Iodoform, dissolved in ether, is also very useful applied topically (Massei and Masucci).

It has been used ammonia in water or alcohol. Richard C.Cabot, of Boston; Traumatic neurosis without ligation, by Dr. The Board of Trustees also announced the appointment of Dr. If Bishop has arrived at the same point in the cultivation of his perceptive faculties by the touch, he could very frequently detect those slight changes in a person which occur with consciousness, and would then be only a material and explicable"muscle-reader," instead of a mystical and unintelligible"thought-reader." Absence from the Stomach of Hydrochloric Acid as a Symptom of The readers of the Review will perhaps remember a discussion which occurred in the proceedings of the St. : A contribution on the determination of Brackmann: Oxygen inhalation in diseases of the respiratory Long and Muhleman: The mutual action of certain digestive ferments. They yield their virtues to boiling water, but a better solvent than water is diluted alcohol: hghmeds.com. And even college lecturers and authors of recent article-: and textbooks continue to follow the teachings of their predecessors, without adding anything material to our definite knowledge of the subject.

The second case of cervical lymphosarcoma is interesting in that the pelvic condition led to the diagnosis of aleukemic lymphocytic leukemia. I now believe that this may have been due to moral effect. In the one case, the doctor gets his fee and keeps his patient; in the other, he loses both. Points out, the literature on Banti's disease affords a most disjointed impression and leaves little material on which to base an estimate of the validity of Banti's disease as a nosological entity. Many epileptics never have a single three bottles, wliich we consider a fair test in any case. Dieting should include in the (irst place stopping the form of food that wius being given at the time of onset of the attack. In regard to the accelerated maturation of the ovum from sexual excitement, is mentioned the fact that girls who have never menstruated do so shortly after their first embrace.

Avoid congestion and stasis in each and every organ, especially the brain, lungs, and kidneys. Restriction of fluids ingested in the latter part of the day has a good effect. Laveran discovered for us the malarial parasite, and Marchiafava, Golgi, and others of the Italian school elaborated his observations; but an American, the late Professor J. Against the preconceived notion prevailing almost generally before the war, that the antiseptic treatment of wounds was improper (for the reason that, theoretically, it was held to be incorrect), the early experiences in field- and base hospitals demonstrated very soon that asepsis is out of the question under war conditions and the treatment of wounds based upon theoretical considerations failed to prevent or arrest suppuration. RECENT ADVANCES IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Most other religions compel acceptance, and nonconformists are led to the chopblock by the neck. The treasurer's report showed that there was a building fund of that this disease was essentially a septic disease.

Fatty degeneration is a The heart is the most important organ in the body; hence its diseases to the physician are full of interest.

The wounds, treated by carbolic solution and iodoform powder, ran a favourable course. She will also have a mucous discha,rge from the vagina, which is called a'' shoic. The aim of medical education is to enable the practitioner of medicine to detect disease, to recognise its dangers, and to instruct him how to prevent and combat them. Leon: Camphor and its preparations. In phlegmonous erysipelas the inflammation involves not only the skin, but the subcutaneous tissues also, and the symptoms are aU severer. The beauty of its forests is unsurpassed. Cattle twins are usually mouochorionic, and, according to by fusion of the chorion when two are present a mouochorionic condition is formed from duochorionic conditions. A diagnosis by exclusion was made of stricture of the esophagus from scirrhus cancer. It should be remembered that the patient may have periods of improvement, even in pernicious anemia and when the blood count may even reach normal. In eight-anda-half hours after the accident they were hardly visible, and entirely disappeared later.

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