An index of the degree of circulatory deficiency is determined under controlled conditions by skin temperature findings of the digits and various parts of the extremities. On the other hand, Friedlander's pneumobacillus is a microbe, the virulence of which often is very great. Request for a An Update of Pre-School Medical Survey This valuable program of screening primarily four-year-old children for unrecognized possible problems of vision and hearing continues throughout Minnesota. It is difficult to express an appropriate appreciation of his tireless and ubiquitous operations in his very presence. The benefits accruing to the army from the instruction given in this school are appreciated not only by the medical corps but by all army officers.

With this short statement of what I have done in my own library, I will go into the details of my work so that others wishing to do likewise may be saved the great amount of experimental work which I went through before the difficulties were overcome and the system made satisfactory. To counteract the intestinal putrefactive processes in diarrhoea it This house is one of long standing, and enjoys a reputation of the The preparations referred to, we commend specially to the notice of a trial in several cases of general nervous derangement of long standing, and which had resisted every form of medication, with very satisfactory results. It is only where the necessity is imperious and when absurd and manifestly unjust consequences would otherwise result, that the courts can create exceptions.


To be a good doctor is undoubtedly the chief objective of most young physicians, which puts a high demand upon Service, as does also the desire to achieve recognized success in the profession. If operations were ta SUKGERY ONE HUNDEED YEARS AGO. Bring the splint together by pieces of roller bandage, passed under the outside of splint, and tied over either side on front of case, having first placed a layer of cotton or strip of four or six thicknesses of linen or muslin over the front of leg and foot, inside of splint, to avoid creasing by cut edges of splint; the bandages should be placed at short intervals, and adjusted as indicated, this adjustment may be made daily, without in any way disturbing the fracture. " The bloated and cyanosed face, the hollow and shining eyes, express the most painful anxiety, and at length the death struggle begins, without there being from this time forward any attacks of suffocation, such as those which have already occurred might lead one Auscultation of the chest, when there is no pulmonary complication, reveals nothing but the echo of the laryngeal whistling. Second, the diagnosis usually is delayed in most patients, the average period between the onset of the symptoms and the establishment of the diagnosis being six months. Some patients, however, empty their dilated bronchi three or four times daily; they are seized by fits of coughing muco-purulent liquid.

Once in contact with nerve tissue, the virus travels along the peripheral nerves centrally to the spine and brain, where it replicates almost exclusively within the gray matter. They claim that the sceptosaemic process is modified in noticing the reduction of the temperature and the lessening of the purulent secretion. Then selecting the first article which I wish to preserve. William Pepper in his Address in Medicine at the meeting of the of this he said:" Hut I cannot omit a passing reference to the remarkable results that have recently been observed to follow the use of large doses of bichloride of mercury in diphtheria.

Its full development and destruction may well be likened to the toad of the fable, possessed of but one idea, stimulated to rapid growth, it bursts, and is destroyed by its own distention. It is the object of the Council that such records, by being included in the Clearing House, should not be lost.

By numerous and well-conducted experiments, Villemin showed that tuberculosis is a virulent, infectious, and inoeulable disease.

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