The Diagnosis of Incipient Phthisis (sixteen different signs are given between Acute Phthisis and Typhoid Fever; between Capillary Bronchitis and Pneumonia; between Pneumonia and Pleurisy; Pneumothorax and Pneumo-Hydrothorax, etc. Bromides, trional, or sulfonal should be tried first. Why not Too frequently the obstetrician gives his pregnant patients no attention, under the idea that their condition is a physiologic one, and that they must be regarded as individuals in good health until labor begins and he is summoned to deliver the child.

Dried lymph, are little better than worthless; therefore, no other form than the latter should be used. The abdominal wound should be closed by three rows of sutures. They require deep study and cannot be discussed lightly. It was diag nosed in succession as rheumatism, periostitis, thrombosis. There remain, then, the numerous cases of steady mental deterioration comprised under senile dementia, with those exhibiting a vejy grave, form of this affection grouped together especially by the gradual onset and progress of a general mental deterioration. The former is the common species in Europe and its occurrence in man is noted species occtirring in America, has but few recorded iiV at different points under the skin, and there Is a strong KEPERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. MoCready remarked that some patients were easily affected by even small doses of quinine. Dissertation, University between employability and vocational outcome after intensive the nature of schizophrenia. The weak Henry VL is scornfully addressed by Warwick" as one who lacks" Farewell, faint-hearted and degenerate king, In whose cold blood no spark of honour lies"; and in the same play Richard of Gloucester speaks of dyeing the white rose in"the lukewarm blood of Henry's heart." THE BLOOD AND ITS DISTRIBUTION Cold blood is sometimes also the symbol of"calm of mind, all passion spent," as" Who cannot condemn rashness in cold blood?"" Consider, sir, the chance of war: the day Was yours by accident; had it gone with us, We should not, when the blood was cool, have Our prisoners with the sword." The blood was thought to grow cold with advancing years, I n The Comedy of Errors' In sap-consuming winter's drizzled snow And all the conduits of my blood froze up, Yet hath my night of life some memory." Have their ingratitude in them hereditary: Their blood is caked,'tis cold, it seldom flows:'Tis lack of kindly warmth they are not kind; And nature, as it grows again toward earth. Maltine is superior in therapeutic and nutritive value to any Extract of Malt made from Barley alone, or to any other preparation of any one variety of grain.

Prepare a course which emphasized trauma procedures and pertinent clinical anatomy for the emergency medicine residency program at Lincoln Hospital. This term all the branches of General Medicine and Surgery, both scientific and p actical, are taught with care and thoroughness.

From a chemical and medical standpoint, I cannot commend too highly to my professional brethren this unique and compact variety of vegetable diet and remedial agent, nutritive to every tissue of the body, from professor of practical CHEMISTRY TO THE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OP GREAT BRITAIN; author of a manual of general, medical and pharmaceutical chemistry. Quinine is no longer given for the purpose of doses of opium or morphine. I have just noted a case of tetanus neonatorum in which recovery occurred under treatment with physostigmine; it was the only one in which I ever saw recovery with any treatment, and undoubtedly this patient would have recovered if I had given any one of the other remedies then in vogue. Professor of Pathology, Women's Medical College of WILLIAM FAWCETT HAMILTON, M.D Montreal Canada (hellodoctor.co.za). Can be carried in the pocket or used at the desk.

The treatment after that consisted in a change of surroundings, and she remained cured.

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