Record four more cases of tic douloureux, which he had treated the past year with the result of relieving all of the patients of their pain.

The extract from the empty musk sacs is used for cheaper products, or mixed with the extract from the contents of the sacs, according to whether a more or less fine quality of tincture is to be obtained. In any case these facts or surmises relate only to the digestive period, and not to the period We have seen cases with severe hunger pains occurring thrde or four hours after eating and in the night, in whom at the time of the pain the epigastrium was ballooned out and the pylorus on auscultation showed no gurgle. This will lead to a re-organization of hospital and dispensary practice, altered systems of laboratory development, the introduction of health centers, and the creation of a system of communal medicine more or less at variance with present conditions altho not contrary to the tendency towards social organization. In such a case the assistant managing the thermo-cautery would follow the edges of the wound with the purpose of retouching bleeding points when practicable. Edward, Old Steyne, Brighton Edmonds, Frederick, A lexandra-rd. It is the object of this communication merely to state the existence of the regulatory function above described, and the writer makes no pretense at theorizing over the physiological laws which govern it. The vessel is then removed from the hot sand and allowed to cool. If it can be shown that such measures are superfluous, they should be When a wound is carefully cleansed and disinfectI ed, and its edges are nicely approximated, it will heal by first union, provided the close adaptation of its edges is not disturbed by external violence or by muscular tractions. I found, however, that many of these statements were gross exaggerations, or pure inventions at I was anxious to know if John Shell had any rules for right living or any fixed habits that might account for his longevity. The great war just ended has revived the venerated memory of Joan of Arc. Steep in a weak solution of sulphate of indigo, which has been nearly neutralized with salts of tartar, or in a solution of Eissolve verdigris in vinegar, and steep therein for a short time in a glass vessel. Dissolve in this eggs; and gum foam may be added if desired. Foci of necrosis within which are proliferated cells with round or irregular "reviews" nuclei. I gave him a minute history of the case, and he went over it very carefully, confirming my diagnosis that it was a case of hysterical amblyopia, and advised the usual remedies, with plenty of out-door exercise. There is little to be added in reference to the present edition except to say that the book has been thoroughly revised. The one thing evident was, that she had a violent, acute infection of some kind. R l he case also impressed on my mind the advisability of opening the abdomen in all cases of general peritonitis of The following is applicable in any part where a through-and-through drainage tube is used.

IMitchell again presented the results of his biometrical calculation with regard to the influence of the thymus gland on the production of pylorospasm in infants. THE HAIR AND TEETH OF THE FUTURE.

These neoplasms were first described b) Leberl in the skin and subcutaneous structures, but lil illy, in the muscular tissue.

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