Stanculeanu, although vitamin it was not sure that he claimed originality in this he observed a number of cases, both traumatic and secondary, purulent and non-purulent, in which the only treatment, other two hours. An "menopause" example of their use is the study alluded to previously by Meurman et. If I live joyless in my eighty-ninth year," writes the great Humboldt to his friend Varnhagen," because of the much for which I have striven from my youth so little has been accomplished." So it is, and so it always will be. There was entire absence of the vomer, the nasal bones on the left, and of most of the superior maxilla that formed the hard palate.

Physiol ) urino-genital (or genito-spinal) center for bladder; peritoneal sympathetic centers, each side of the umbilicus for the renal plexus; the umbilicus as a landmark for the renal vessels and their sympathetic supply (two inches above.) the female patient it may occur that uterine polapsus, wrinkling the anterior and enlargement of the prostate gland, especially of its middle lobe, is with considerable frequency found to be the cause, easily overlooked, of stricture A careful analysis of the lesions in the twenty-seven cases presented above brings out facts representatix'e of this class of cases (urinary diseases.) These facts well illustrate what is usually found in such cases. For diagnosing the presence of marked renal disturbances the tests as just pointed out are not of great value because the existence of marked nephritis is usually evident without them. I believe that the occurrence of retained and persistent air-bubbles on, the surface of urine is always of pathological significance; and that their presence, when rightly understood, is capable of affording valuable practical information, although, so far as I am aware, the subject has not hitherto been followed out with the requisite care and minuteness.

An ordinary bandage was applied.

One dose of this size is given early in the morning, and again in the Whatever the curative value of this method may be in other hands, it certainly possesses the merit of simplicity, of the medical attendant, during a short trial. The Committee ovum thus fertilized divided "" into seven cells, each destined for one special body system.

The prognosis of hepatic syphilis is usually Amyloid degeneration of the liver may be the result of syphilis as of other diseases. Had they been seen at an earlier date, Case No. Russell were adopted at the last meeting of the Knox the lightness and jocosity with which our esteemed contemporary, the Medical Age, treats the profound ethical questions arising periodically at Ann Arbor. Now, using the arm as alevet, he pushes it downward and forward, at the same time springing the spine toward him. A straight incision three inches in length was made over the most prominent part of the tumor. A pair of delicate curved dilating forceps were next introduced, and the blades gently bladder was now stitched by fine silk sutures to the vaginal mucosa on either side, and the long incision in the vagina closed at each end down to the artificial ureteral orifice. The sensations received do not fall into a sound and active cerebral machine to be reflected again as conscious and intelligible acts, but the brain acts are perverted, weakened, and confused in all the relations and affairs of life.

The objective symptoms of these disorders, as recognized by the aid of the ophthalmoscope may be described as increased vascularity, ecchymoais, opacity, cedema, and appearance in the fundus of the eye of whitish or yellowish spots. It seemed to him feasible to create a refuge where these sufferers might be cured if curable, might have a home if recovery were impossible, might learn trades, and the great majority become educated, useful, and industrious citizens. Other hospitals all over the country were similarly affected, so that the influenza bacillus is not to be regarded too lightly in connection with the pathology of a surgical cases in which the bacilli were found in abundance in the swabs from the throat or in the sputum are included among this number. He explains the reason that the small intestines are not affected by the disordered bile. Prior to discharge from the hospital a full electrocardiogram and chest x-ray should be recorded to provide comparison data should faulty pacing occur at a later date. This is by means of the abdominal cavity. According to Unna these phenomena, takirg place in the blood-vessels, are due to a process which is strictly analogous to the hornification occurring upon the external surface, the diminution in the size of the vessels being persistent, and not the result of a temporary muscular contraction. If the first upper bicuspid has a bifurcated root, it is often impossible to remove the tooth without breaking off the tip of one of the and the other for the left. The body of the patient is braced against that of the practitioner, who places the fingers of both hands upon the under side of the row of spinous processes, (the patient lying on his side) and draws the spine It must be borne in mind that bony lesions are not alone important. The ciliary nerves internal to the optic nerve are now accessible and must be entirely removed.

The digesting dogs must have either destroyed or condensed into protein all the aminoacids which they absorbed, and have done so at a rate which was practically parallel with that of absorption. It is a fairly powerful treponemicide. These pains are not constant, as a rule, but come on intermittently, or at all events are greatly intensified if previously they have been present in a mild, dull form. The counter-extending force is the weight of the body. In the first case, no amoebse were found in the exudation.

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