The fundus almost always escapes, even when the remainder of the stomach is involved in the new-growth.

The antitoxins are highly specific and in consequence thereof, are effective only against that particular toxin which induces the primary reaction As just intimated, the blood not only contains substances to neutralize the toxins, but also can de stroy the bacteria themselves through the agency of bacteriolysins.

In one of our most esteemed of contemporaries there was recently a charming picture, labelled" Osier on Angina Pectoris;'" but it was neither.

Simmonds," studying secondary growths of the pituitary body in connection with diabetes insipidus, concluded that this affection, if of pituitary orgin, is due not to a hyperfunction but to an absence of function of this organ. As a rule, the fluid is greenish yellow in appearance, seldom bloody, but in the presence of jaundice it contains biliary coloring-matter. The condition at times accompanies a number of diseases of the stomach, as, for instance, round ulcer of the stomach; and it occurs also as an independent neurosis, particularly in neurasthenics. The case is that of a child of five weeks admitted to hospital present illness started at the end of the third week.

It may be given in such doses hypodermically, by enema or per os. He was engaged in active practice for forty six years. To spasmodic contractions of the striped or unstriped muscular fibres. The first half of the book is therefore given up to the discussion of principles and technic; while the second half puts these facts into practice. The medical men stepped forw'ard and took their usual leading part in this new' science of Mental Hygiene. The fingers are broad, thick, and stumpy; the nails short, thick, and striated.

The reasons for this toward the Pension Fund by the surgeons, on the basis The lack of such a provision may, under present conditions, act as a deterrent to the surgeons who enter the service at a comparatively early age and who, because of a large practice or other pressing obligation which might interfere with the proper discharge of Police Department duties, might wish to leave the Service. At times the intensity of his anxiety and suspense, together with sheer amount of labor, gravely threatened his health, so that friends and relatives, losing confidence in his purpose, almost angrily protested against further exhausting effort.

Post-mortem examination gave evidence of severe catarrh of the large intestines, with two small ulcers in the descending colon and a recent cicatrix in the transverse colon. This disease to be represented by some is called the Mai Anglois, by others Justacrue, by others the Sibbens or more generally the disease of St. Similar changes have been observed also in the trunk of cerebral nerves. Cold packs applied to the trunk only, and frequently repeated, are very useful in relieving both pain and fever. But few stages of development of the parasite are found ordinarily in the peripheral circulation, the main seat of infection being apparently in the spleen, bone marrow, and other internal organs. Seven had two series of injections consisting of fifteen doses. Appointed hospital steward, and served as such until appointed acting brigade surgeon, and served as such contributed the following papers:"Case of Hydrocele, with Dr. Applications must be The Washington County Medical Society at its annual meeting held in Montpelier, Vt., September connected with the staffs of the German and Jewish Dr. This may refer to a uniform orthography and pronunciation of foreign technical terms or it may go much deeper and seek to substitute modern Spanish words for exotic expressions. The left fallopian tube was elongated and thickened to the diameter of the little finger; it was stretched across to the antero-inferior surface of the cyst wall, and its fimbricated end was occluded and terminated in a cystic, club-shaped dilatation.

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