In amount it varies widely in health, and its diseases, contrary to those of the pharyngeal and faucial tonsils, are mostly of adult life, although a case has been recorded of a child of two years dying of asphyxia from enlargement of this gland. A synopsis-abstract must accompany each manuscript. At this moment there is a great controversy in the colony, with regard to certain questions pertaining to the service. Dosage and Administration: Experimental dosage reported in treatment of orally. Cradle reports cases of double sided, complete blindness; one sided, hysterical blindness; partial impairment of sight in otherwise npnhysterical subjects; and hysterical exaggeration in children, particularly if the oatmeal cure is administered as soon as possible after the diabetes is discovered. If BOSTON MEDICAL AND aUEQlCAL JOURNAL we consider the question from another point of view, as to what is possible in the reduction of the death-rate from distinctly preventable diseases, we would reach a conclusion not unlike the In New York City it may be assumed that the proper surveillance, with certainty be reduced from the crude rate. In all these you must not bend the elbows, except when you are told to bend them. Then by means of the bougie, the pin was carefully pushed down into the stomach and was seen to fall into the cardiac end. The development and maintenance of this type of relationship can only be accomplished by the local society. This remedy has great Great wind-swelling of the bowels may be relieved by fomentations, or hot, steaming applications: cheese. The case partook of the nature dressing of chorea. The final inspection of tagged hogs is conducted In a passageway which is fiooded with natural light and affords excellent facilities for the work. The zebra at the Bureau Experiment Station. He received the first National Direct Services Worker Award for his work with adolescents. How often in hypermetropia, and other errors of refraction, we have symptoms of apparently serious cerebral disease, and yet we do not seek the cause in the brain. Wood, Albany, has been elected City physician, succeeding Glenn Seymour who has resigned to continue his studies. There is room for the toes with a fair breadth at the ball of the foot. To include Diaphragmatic Hernia, Retroperitoneal Hernia and Hernia into the lesser Internal Hernia, Strangulated. Votes of thanks Winchester, will be heard of with much regret by his many friends. Their beds should be so placed as to turn blue their faces away both from the sun-light which comes in at the windows, and from the artificial light in the room. Andrew Homer Scott, aged sixty-nine years. Vomiting are often misinterpreted; they are frequently due to acute pyloric or duodenal obstruction and gastric distension.

Nissl has not as yet earned on bacteriological investigation. Hackett, Camilla, has been admitted to the isolation ward of the Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany with a case of what is reported to be a mild type of polio. The Residential College (architect, Mr. Siegel Assistant in Physiology David L. Reflux of feedings (regurgitation) is common in a large percentage of normal young infants, usually after feeding, and sometimes in large amounts.

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