Strong pressure being made on the abdominal tumor, it was partly pushed back into position, but could even then only be touched by the finger-tip.

In pulmonary tuberculosis these discharges constitute, in part, the expectoration. It has the Virtues of the Pouder and Effence, is very powerful to the purpofes intended it is prevalent againft Pfora, or Scabs, Manginefs, Leprofie, King's-Evil, Dropfie, Ef c.

The heart being surrounded in almost every direction by the elastic pulmonary tissue, the alveoli of which are full of air and communicate more or less directly with the main bronchi, any alteration of shape of the heart will cause displacement of air, whii-li will produce movements or waves iir the air passages.

Dofe one, two or three drams at a time, Morning and Evening ( and in very cold habits of Body, Morning, Noon, and Night ) in a Giafs of Madera, or other generous Wine.

There have been five fatal cases of grippe, indicating an increase in the number of cases of this disease. Especially are such troubles likely to be aggravated, if not produced when the prepucial orifice is contracted. Levitan, certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, Antacids have been utilized extensively in the management of upper gastrointestinal diseases especially duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastritis, hiatus hernia, and esophagitis. A month is the shortest possible time in which we can expect any fixation. Secondly, the quantity of fat in chylous urine is much greater than that contained in lymph; whereas, if derived from the latter source, it should be much less, since the urine normally is free from I have been unable to detect the filaria in this specimen. But this difference is obferved, that fluxes of Blood: and are more effectual for curing any Ulcer, or running Sore, and to dry up and remove moift and running Scabs, and other like deflations of the Skin. Difficulties were experienced in carrying through the first season's drill, owing to the scarcity of ambulance material and the late arrival of the instructors. Bachelier es Lettres, Universite de Paris, Mt.

Taylor remarks, that the alkaline sulphates should not be employed as antidotes for these, since it requires long digestion at a high temperature for these salts to react on the carbonate of lead, and even then the decomposition is only partial.

In this number of cases only one death has occurred, and that from an abscess of tubercular origin and in a phthisical patient in the last stages of his disease. This view was confirmed by the subsequent occurrence of glandular enlargement in nearly all disease in St.

The laws of hydraulics are against this supposition. In the course of these chapters we have met with a great deal that must prove especially useful in a work which, as one of favourite resort, is destined to exert an important influence on the rising and future generation of medical practitioners for some time to come; and although, as already intimated, we should have been glad to meet with a fuller discussion of some important points of practice, we have found very little to reject as not in accordance with the general experience of this country, while there is evidently much that will be cordially agreed to by every ophthalmologist of standing in Great Britain and America. As to the therapeutic value of oxygen, in the neurotic form of dyspncea we had a condition in which the mere act of inhalation and the engaging of the attention of the patient would often have a beneficial effect.

It is called in Greek,'o;fll Vot II. The diagnosis formulated was: retention of menstrual lieOrix with decomposition of same due to a pouched anteflexed uterus. That is by reason of the fact that they make no effort to control their milk supplies. At the last meeting of the Council of the British Medical Association, tlie report of the adjudicators of tlie prize founded by the late Dr. I think much valuable time may thus Dr. Lejeune, who had a large, lobulated fibroid, reaching two fingers' breadth above the umbilicus, and reaching down in the iliac fossa of the left side. Much serous effusion was found on the surface of the cerebellum, and softening of the whole cortical substance of the brain, but especially of the cerebellum; this case confirming the opinion of Flourens, that nux vomica acts especially on the cerebellum. The whole Plant is of a pleafing fmell, for which reafon J'ome have given it the Epithite of Odoratum, as Gerard V.

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