G.) Experimenta circa corpus callosum, cerebellum, ZoHRER (A. He had a firm, enlarged spleen and a slightly enlarged liver. This she denied and said that she did not want to die. These small-bowel lesions have caused obstruction, hemorrhage and perforation. It was with a view to ascertain whether, and how, the pores are continued downwards, that I removed with scissors many layers of cuticle from those parts, and was astonished to see how well, not only the pores, the epidermis, instead of being cut, is peeled off the palms, the layer which becomes exposed is precisely similar to that which is removed. F.) De Empyesi oculi sive pure m secunda ocuh Selecta Medica Francofurtensia, ad Anatomenimprimis practicam, Chirurgiam, Materiam Medicam, ipsamque Seligmann (R.) Liber Fundamentorum Pharmacologic. Antrim Foulke, a most respectable and excellent physician, of Montgomery County, has communicated to rae the particulars of a very interesting case of tetanus, which I saw with him during the convalescence of the patient, and which, from the circumstance of tetanus, from a wound, being very seldom cured, deserves to be recorded.

The cerebral activity is not noticeably influenced. Almost every local disease of the tongue is prone to become cancerous from the glandular structure of this organ.

As has been before stated, the afferent impulses which disturb sleep may come from any part of the body. All food except barley water should be withdrawn for twenty-four hours.

There has been no outbreak of disease and the death The expressions of concern and offers of assistance which I and ai members of the IMS staff have received from medical societies across the te country have been heartwarming. The figures drawn up for this purpose are not very convincing, however. Hardly be carried out practically. Furthermore, the offering of money is not in general an adequate stimulus for scientific work, although we are glad to admit that occasionally the combination of financial need and ability go hand in hand.

The ligature furthest from the tip separated en the sixth d:iy, and the other on the seventh. The second patient stated that a sinus had persisted for a year after operation, and that the original symptoms were not relieved. Now there are hopes of putting such training in most, if not all, schools, would know what to do besides call for a doctor within five or six minutes if blood flow is halted. I do not know whether this symptom has been observed in other cases of membranous rhinitis, where the lvlebs-Lr)itier was absent; but I have noted the complication in an instance of pseudo-membranous tonsillitis (seen with Dr. He called attention to the fact that cerebral softening from arterial fibrosis sometimes simulates brain tumor exquisitely. At best, to speak of the contagion infecting the air, is to describe the lesser by the greater. The line of reasoning in the writing is strikingly similar to that of a homicidal melanchoUac. Koepp, Marinette Ninth District M. Fiom their construction, these formulfe are xijymcA aiitithetio, the two orders of constituents being placed opposite or against each other; ov polar, from exhibiting the the ear opposite to the tragus. By hoi ing the powder of the root of the Polygala senega, an acid is procured, called polygalv: and, the serine of Gehlon the pohmaline of others. Care even here must be taken not to increase albumin too rapidly, but eggs may be given after convalescence has been well established, fluid food being continued as in the former stage. Tlie following report of Baron CnviER exhibits an excellent analysis of this interesting paper.