Farr does not profess to give full particulars on this head, but he states in his second letter two sets of observations may be summed of small-pox in England during the yeart From this table we learn, that the great majority of deaths by small-pox occurred among infants and very young children, not one of whom had probably ever been vaccinated. From a broad biologic standpoint it dops not, of course, make any difTerence whether an individual organism dies as either one of these, or as it would if left to its fate. Now the fact is, women have more of it than men. It has generally been supposed that the alcohol, by setting up inflammatory changes in the connective tissue of the portal canals, leads to the formation of new fibrous tissue which compresses the liver-cells, and thus produces atrophy of them. Yim, Instructor in Pediatrics john christian krantz, jr., Professor of Pharmacology and Head of the Frederick keller bell, Assistant in Pharmacology Raymond merritt burgison, Associate Professor of Pharmacology c jelleff carr, Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology ruth musser, Instructor in Pharmacology edward byrd truitt, jr., Associate Professor of Pharmacology jeanne quinlin barry, Junior Instructor in Physiology FREDERICK PALMER FERGUSON, PwfeSSOr of Physiology samuel louis fox, Assistant Professor of Physiology sylvia himmelfarb, Instructor in Physiology Dietrich conrad smith, Professor of Physiology; Associate Dean John irving white, Associate Professor of Physiology james henry wills, Lecturer in Physiology Department of Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation george entwisle, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation and Dorothea w. The eye is so prominent that the lids stretch forward over it, obliterating the normal depression at the margin of the orbit. Br., related to Ourouparia, is used in the Soudan in the form of the leaf-infusion, as an anti-emetic and to allay rheumatic pain. At one time his jnilse became weak, and he was given a a hyix)dermoclysis of salt solution beneath the breasts.

Greenhow's"fracture-bed" atrial; and, in order that it might be properly applied, requested him to go out with me and superintend the application, which he The leg at this time was a good deal swollen and inflamed, the inflammation being evidently of an erysipelatous character. While, therefore, thrill is highly suggestive of hydatid, it is not pathognomonic; nor by its absence is the hydatid nature of a Diagnosis is often easy; at times it is difficult, or even impossible. The lens of the lamp is placed directly in contact with the diseased area, and the parts are exsanguinated by the pressure of the lens on the skin. I have several times mentioned the peculiar depressing effect upon the action of the heart produced by inflammation of the stomach and bowels, and of some other of the abdominal organs; and particularly by inflammation involving their peritoneal covering. The last foamed; all biUous,and of good appearance; pulse maintains its strength and rapidity; the fever had lowered about nine; found it rising at twelve; anxious to eat milk; allowed milk and water, with ice, and light bread; pulsation of carotids active; the cough and oppression in the respiration gone. Gothard Tunnel was shown to be of this nature. The result was that within three months no more typhoid bacilli were discoverable, the patients were cured, no fresh cases arose, and so far as that group of villages was concerned, typhoid was exterminated. The transformation into urea.of ammonium cyanate by evaporating its aqueous artificially prepared from other cyanogen compounds. She is much better, and continues but little feverish; tongue still foul, and pulse very slightly quickened.

The fine for delinquents was abolished.

I saw him agam in three or four hours, and found liim suffering a great deal of pain and inconvenience.

The only legitimate conclusion is, that the nervous functions are liable to be deranged, impaired, or suspended, by altered conditions, not traceable by our senses, or at least not yet discovered by us, of the organs which minister Tliere may be only one such undiscovered disturbing cause, variable in degree in different cases; or (what is more probable) there may be several such conditions differing in kind.

A piece was snipped out, uterine appendages were also removed. Part of it reminds one of the maxim of John Halle, who as far Comfort the wounded man. A day, with" Salts, when necessary; wished one shutter closed to appetite; skin clear; jaundice, when I last saw him; took salts with no headache.

Had an attack on the fifth away nothing but the water which he drank; no appearance of This patient was at last relieved by gout for the first time, at the for several days; his abdomen was much distended; the pain most commonly about the right hypochondrium and epigastrium; was attended with no puking; it sometimes diffused itself over the whole belly. The aqueous and seen in commerce broken into small pieces or lumps, known as crushed sugar, and in regular cubes, known as cut-loaf sugar, which are hard and have a granular crystalline texture and a pure white color. In this case there are very positive signs of aneurism existing. The pupil of the right eye is now contracted. "While keeping them on the tension with one hand in the way stated, let pressure be made on them from within with the lingers of the other, and we shall find that where they are longest, and chp or cup as above, they at once yield to the pressure, and bulge out into the distended the facility of so distinguishing them being greatest at the part nearest the placenta, the part that lined the fundus, and gradually lessening as it approaches the aperture where they lay within the less prominent part of the front of the womb; whereas, where they are shortest and flat, they resist this pressure, do not swell out, thereby evidently showing this flat shape, corresponding to the posterior part of the womb, to be there I believe I need not occupy much time in pointing out the information these facts will give us as to the part of as to the aperture above spoken of; its distance from this aperture at once demonstrates its relative position from the mouth of the womb, and by the means here stated being enabled to ascertain the part of the membranes that lined the anterior from that which lined the posterior wall, we can, by observing on which of them it is affixed, or how relatively with regard to the anterior layer, easily and satisfactorily decide whether it was anterior, posterior, or lateral. In an aggravated case of chorea in a girl of eleven years, after other drugs had been tried without success, he administered seven and one-half minims of the tincture of the fluid extract.

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