The fracture, which was somewhat oblique, had resulted in the separation to the extent of threeeighths of an inch of the free end of the process, carrying with it the attachments of the coraco-brachialis and biceps and the greater part of the pectoralis minor, but firm fibrous union had taken microscopical sections from cases of tuberculosis of the conjunctiva and of the iris. Abdominal wound to be dressed changed.

At one time the source of this great oceanic river was supposed, at least to a great extent, to be the passage of the Mississippi river into the ocean, the force of which body of water was deemed sufficient to operate on the entire contiguous ocean, making its escape to the north by a stream along the coast. The latter may have been the etiologic factor in this patient.

George Contis; these were concerned with reviews of HSA plans in depth, setting up of monitoring systems, monthly newsletters for all physicians, identification of state and national action, and other similar aspects.

A padded sheet-iron splint, somewhat hollowed, was laid along the inner face of the thigh from the groin to the middle of the leg, and a similar one in front of the limb, from the upper part of the femur to the knee. To you this specimen will be mainly interesting as one of marked pleurisy, or pleuro-pneumorfia, if you like to assume that was the condition at first. The clinical point of view, the intraglobular non-pigmented forms were of most importance ( An Unfinished Paper to Aid the Diagnosis and Contains many observations and hints of great value. Montaigne avoided it just because of the furnishings of silk and cloth of gold. As a result of the migration of leucocytes the contents of the vessels become purulent, and at the same time the network in the inside undergoes dissolution. Why should not the same be done with a large portion of these followers? It could certainly be done with the native army hospital corps. It conclusively showed that diphtheria is an old form of disease, and was severe then, and amenable to certain remedies, the most celebrated A certain quantity of copperas, (sulphate of iron), was calcined and applied to the membrane, and some herb infused in hard cider, was used Diphtheria may be easily controlled, and cured, if within reach, and measures taken early. The non-fatty contain about siz-twelf th parts of milk sugar, one-twelfth part ash, and fiTe-twelfth proteids, about two-thirds of which are casein. Speaker Lane: That w'ill be taken care of. Infection of the tongue is indicated by considerable swelling, while the tip of the organ crepitates on touch and projects from the mouth. Local epidemics of typhoid fever were reported from several sections, and in one of these instances the infection was traced, as shown by a map, to the pollution of the soil from sewers. We will direct this patient to follow this course, and will also direct her to pencil the nipples with tr. Thus the swelling of the throat region may be absent, and the autopsy may show only very slight changes in the mucous membrane of pharynx and larynx, in spite of the fact that the animal died with symptoms of asphyxiation (Biro). Davis, Delegate Westchester Harry A. After the extinction of the disease thorough disinfection of the stables and the stable utensils is very desirable, as otherwise it reappears annually in the infected establishments. Williams, Chairman of the Committee to confer with the Legislature regarding the Health bill, asked for further time.

Some writer has remarked, that the chief diagnostic sign between scarlatina and measles is the strawberry tongue. The affection of the cow is caused for the most t part by the hand of the milker charged with virus from some j other cow. Thus meat which has been buried for three months is supposed to have been still infective (Vieq D'Azyr).

A particularly interesting subject was brought forward by Dr. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers are still suffering, but the disease is abating.

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