Origin of abscess is always in the joint. Its abdomen is elongated and brownish in color (code). Tbe interpretation of these bodies, already seen and described by several observers, will probably become clear as the result of further cultural It is probable that bacteria of other groups are capable of acting in the same waj-. This is a mild form of apoplexy, and arises either from a congested brain, "email" or may be occasioned by an overloaded stomach. For a time we roomed together and our evenings were passed in mutual entertainment by the classics he had read (he could quote long passages by heart) and by the musical classics that I had mastered. This phase of his activities seems to have been entered upon definitely, when he became one of the founders of the Chicago anti-tuberculosis organization. The propaganda for the courtesy of your columns, I beg leave to quote, witliout comment, her opinion of the medical profession. There was standing near him a soldier, very dirty, with his clothing badly strict about stragglers in the operating hut. Lyndon observed that while he had not considered the present system altogether satisfactory, after Dr. Barnett, was first published in two handsome vokimes; a notice of tho book appeared in editions which were issued of the biography were rapidly exhausted and now the publishers have issued a cheaper but unabridged edition at the price of six shillings. Wyman accordingly punctured the chest with an exploring ncc'dlc and canula, and drew away twenty (nmcos of a straw-colored fluid. He knows that if he makes a flght, even for "" what he believes to be right, the best he can get is the worst of it. The Medical Officers of Health who have given evidence were particularly anxious that the work at the Centres should not be divorced in our mind from the other practical -preventive work carried on by them.

Diphtheria, after effects of; weakness of sight, nueely speech, or Diphtheria in the well-marked malignant gangrenous condition. Animal attacked, principally in the region of the jaws and fore fake limbs. Hence, if we pour on separate paits a small quantity of ether, alcohol, and water, we shall find that the spot from which the ether is evaporating feels the coldest, and that which is covered by the alcohol less so, whilst the part miiistened with water is comparatively but little chilled. The fact that the white deposits over the mouths of the tonsillar follicles are not seen always immediately, and that twentyfour or forty-eight hours may elapse before they appear, is not sufficient reason to make me change my belief about the nature or manner of their growth. It is not my than allude to classification. Unconscious of their character and origin, and ignorant that with time and confirmed health they would have disappeared, he had no other thought than that of crushing them by force, and accordingly applied himself to the work. Microscopically, giant cells are usually abundant; but the giant-cell system is often incomplete, and the demonstration of tubercle bacilli may found to be enlarged, presumably as the result of the local action of the In the tertiary stage gummata are rarely met with; Dr.

WHEN SHOULD MEDICINES BE ADMINISTERED? The curative effects of remedies may be retarded, changed in form or prevented by untimely administration. Medical and Chirxjkgical Faculty of the State of Maryland It was decided that any member of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, in good standing, who is sued for reporting venereal diseases, according to the orders of the State Board of Health, will be defended by the Faculty.

One of the cases in this series was that of a man aged twenty-five, who was a patient of mine.

Stimulants of a sanative nature are always indicated in the treatment of colic; for if the stomach be distended with a load of semi-putrid food, how can we get rid of it except by the ordinary way, when the parts are in a healthy state? Men have strangely erred in recommending cure of colic, and, perhaps, we ourselves are not free from blame in this matter. Underneath all the carelessness and folly there is something A few case reports of work done in the open and with a minimum amount of equipment and conveniences should prove of interest. The scheme was forwarded to the Secretary of State for India for his approval early this year, and by him referred to tlio newly appointed Indian Minister of the Bengal Government; he appointed a committee, -which approved of the fvdl scheme, but objected to the reduction in salaries proposed by tlio Government of India. What did we learn from them? When the"small bono out ot place" happens to be fracture-dislocation ot the spine or an acute tuberculous joint, the results of bone-setting may be disastrous, and we might then be tempted to use the bitter phrase of Sir Astley Cooper about the science of medicine, that it"is founded upon conjecture and improved by murder." this point:"The people," he says,"regard bone-setting receive it from his father and family as a kind ot heritage." Speaking of the groat reputation of a certain Mrs. The ring and little fingers were flexed on the palm, and any attempt to straighten them caused pain.


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