THE DIAGNOSTIC VALUE OF THE ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH BEFORE GYNECOLOGICAL AND OBSTETRIC OPERATIONS. It has been used in increasing frequency for several years at the Poplar Hospital, and with excellent results, in compound fractures and dislocations, also as a dressing in amputations, minor and major, and in compound, comminuted and depressed frac tures of the skull.

In Bright's disease, and in association with other chronic cachexife, it often occurs toward the end of the illness, and then may appear to be the lesion determining death; but even under such circumstances the physical signs may completely disappear before death, or, if they persist, the fatal result may not seem to be hastened thereby. For further details on the Health Care Achievement (This report is a service to the physicians of Illinois) In order to process a Medicare claim, it is essential that the physician who rendered the service is identified by his first and last name. The method of the physician in giving such instruction is criticized as being'' too pathologic and wanting in sympathy and moral direction." Of organizations for social purity and the teaching of sex hygiene, eighteen are enumerated and their methods described. It is certainly remarkable, that though the echinococcus veterinorum may lodge in the brain of sheep or oxen, it does not produce the characteristic symptoms of sturdy caused by the coenurus cerebralis, and the probable explanation of this is, that the heads of the former are not exsertile, whereas those of the coenurus protrude from the distended cyst. The author employs this simple means with uniform success in all cases he happens to meet. The membranes are thickened and the nerve roots degenerated to a greater or less degree, no doubt having been affected by the inflammatory process in the meninges.

The riding on the rough country road from her home did not seem to have caused her as much suffering as expected, and she was cheerful and feeling better than for several days previously. Opening for Director of medical affairs, new position, full time. We must rely on hygiene and diet, and as an adjunct, use antiseptics and sedatives, always selecting a suitable climate for the patient the same as if fant: In this state they are sent to Zawan, about thirty miles from Tunis, in order to be dyed of a deep crimson colour. That is to say, one primipara may have a conjugate of three and The six remaining cases were five multiparae each of whom had been delivered of a stillborn baby following either a hard forceps or version delivery, two of whom had a con.iugate diameter of two and three-fourths inches (an absolute indication) and three a conjugate of from three to three and one-half inches (a relative indication). We should scarcely, in a work like the present, have alluded to this point, were it not that it goes to prove the uncertainty whicli that genus which has afforded us so many breeds of domestic sheep, the precise origin of which still eludes scientific inquiry. He removed one tonsil, a fortnight after which the goitre disappeared entirely. But these means, though undoubtedly commendable, have only too much predisposed by the anaemia of the nervous centers. The work now includes the whole of the chemistry of the United States Pharmacopeia and nearly all of the British and Indian Pharmacopeias.

In some cases calcareous granules are deposited and form plates or spicules, upon which fibrin may be deposited from the circulating blood. Then on opening the marrow a profuse discharge of pus takes place. Details of the condit,on of the lympho.d organs and tissues in these cases of tetany are not described, and in the contribution by Blumer there is no mention of examination of the nervous system. In addition to these observations, it is also probable that variations in the number of calories contained in the diet produce no change in the endogenous uric acid, though some observers are inclined to think that an excessive number of calories tend to lower the amount of uric acid. But the cause of renal albuminuria has been and is the subject of The answer to the question, why albumin passes into the urine in disease, turns very much upon the explanation of the fact that it does not transude in health. Firstly, a cyst may form in the lung apart from, or even without, its occurrence in any other region: secondly, the lung may be invaded by a cyst in an adjacent organ rupturing through the parts which separate them.

The tension was uninfluenced, and the vision, so far as could be determined in such young sub jects, was unchanged.

Koehn ordered antipyrin to be given in ten-grain doses every three hours; laudanum in ten-drop doses, to be given in case of vomiting.