The important thing in these wounds is to prevent the apposition of infected surfaces. Other accessory signs are, an abnormal transmission of the heart-sounds, and an interrupted or jerking respiration. At the close of defecation the pain ceases. In horses the disease begins sometimes with violent shivering, which may even shake the animal to and fro in its stall; at others with extreme heaviness and somnolence, so that it staggers or falls down; and in general the signs of a brain-inflammation are manifested, though mainly those of depression. When one recalled the protean nature of other infectious diseases, among the most common of which were tuberculosis and typhoid fever, there could be no a priori objection to the hypothesis that the causative agency of dysentery need not necessarily vary for each of the many types of the disease that had from time to time been distinguished. Santonin is the best remedy, and of this substance five grains may be taken with as much of compound jalap powder, in the case of a child, but more may be given of the latter substance for an adult. After eight or ten hours, the ipecacuanha may be repeated in a reduced dose, observing the same precautions. The agent of this character best studied and supposed to exert the greatest influence upon the nerve forces is sound. At the same time, however, the blood will in part pass into the bowels, and, being there partly altered and blackened, is so discharged.

She expectorates at present but very little, and the sputum still contains a few tubercle bacilli.

It is rarely, if ever, contained in the saliva, nor, as a rule, is it found in mucus, but it may be found in the sputa of pneumonitis developed in a person affected with jaundice. In view of the greater effects of opiates administered hypodermically, as compared with the administration by the mouth, an important caution is, not to inject at first too large a quantity. Any accumulation of tartar which exist, and have in some cases been found beneficial.

If a gummatous process is associated with tuberculosis the pictures may be very bizarre and difficult of interpretation. Wernicke and the results of their efforts have led indirectly to conclusions which seem to be of great value.

It has been stated that the left leg is more frequently the seat of the disease than the right on account of the sigmoid flexure, which when distended presses upon the left iliac vein. Cocoa, milk, and sugar are packed in similar boxes. Grandin opened the discussion with a paper on the transmission of disease to the fcetus through the mother.

At the London Throat Hospital complaining of impaired hearing and difficulty of breathing through the nose. To obviate this, there should be a corridor running parallel with each ward, and supplied with plenty of windows on each side; the one set, communicating with the open air, should be opened, while those communicating with the ward are closed, and vice versa; in this way, by repeating the process several times a clay, enough fresh air will be brought in the room without too much draught being felt. Upon sacrificing the latter, hemorrhagic lesions, as well as a few of the organisms themselves, had been found in the afit'ected ganglia.

It is less prevalent in the country than in the cities, and less among those who lead an outdoor life than among those whose occupations confine them to close apartments. Cases are sometimes met with in which the pyaemic symptoms are slight, and are prolonged for a period of three or four months, or even longer.

Antenatal pathology being the subject which deals with fa-tal diseases, embryonic deformities, and germinal predispositions to disease and deformity must play an important part in any attempt to ensure antenatal hygiene. Church), speaking at the dinner of the Pharmaceutical Society, said that" Every practitioner of medicine had reason to be grateful to the pharmacists for the purity, accuracy, and portability of the drugs of the present day." Like many other manufacturing chemists, the firm with the German name that your correspondent refers to address samples of their new products direct to the medical profession in order to show what they are like, and we should have some sense of appre Advertisement in our medical journals is a good way of reaching the profession, but personal calls and samples are reference to chemists' travellers, I would venture to suggest as a remedy exclusive dealing with the Surgical Supply Association, Manchester, which has about six hundred shareholders, and is prepared to meet the requirements of the general practitioner in regard to drugs, sundries, bottles, stationery, etc., without employing the aid of travellers, and Manchester, May igth. Considering all these things, I must admit!B Editor of the Medical Record.

It is observed as a sequel of certain diseases, such as the continued or eruptive fevers, articular rheumatism, and cholera. But in severer ones signs of depression are also developed on the part of the brain. In former years was allowed refund of income tax deducted from dividends. Were in great measure to be ascribed to the fact that the cases were treated throughout in an atmosphere that was prHClieally sterile as regards the graver forms of toxic organisms. Were parents only aware at what cost to their helpless infants their cries had been stopped and their restlessness put an end to, they would surely be less reckless in adopting such treatment; and when a sucking child has been known to die from the effects of a single drop of laudanum, it shows the necessity there is for the exercise of the utmost caution in the administration of opium in any form to infants and children. EDINBUEGH: CRAIGLEITH lOORHOOSE AND HOSPITAL.-Kesident Medical tj ilw.

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