(See post, Kleptomania.) It has been remarked that acts of arson have been frequently committed by girls at this period of life, and the crime has spread by imitation. By the aid of opium the last traces of sugar can, without doubt, often bo removed from the urine in cases that do not become altogether sugar free on a restricted diet.

BICHROMATE OF POTASSIUM AS AN EXl'EC Havini; just been reading the item with this title in the of the upper air passages.

No drug taken by mouth can be absorbed hour till it is retained, and continuing this dosage till one grain is retained. I must also mention the existence of septa which limit the effusions of blood to exact regions of the grey matter (Goldscheider The medullary haemorrhages are capillary or focal.

As will be seen in all of them, whether simple exploratory incision or cholecystotomy for the removal of stones, with one or two exceptions, tliere have been no local physical signs whatever.

Powdered senna, half an ounce. My patient was a lake captain, about forty-eight years of age, a seaman from birth, who owned and commanded the ship that he sailed. '' From every direction the stories of the results of the great" heat-wave" through which we are passing are oppressive, and here in London we are suffering as no one can remember from excess of sunshine and sun heat. Further reference is therefore unnecessary. Typhoid appendicitis terminates by resolution or by perforation.

It has been the habit of our schools to attach too much value to the diagnosis of the particular valve lesion, and too little to its cause.

Shivering or chills are best treated by complete immersion in a hot bath, to which sodium bicarbonate may be added for the relief of pain, or, if this is impracticable, the unburnt parts should be wrapped in blankets and surrounded by bags or bottles containing hot water. He had recorded a case where wasting on one side took place after amputation at the wrist.

The treatment consisted of frequent cleansing and the use of a bichloride of seemed to do more good than anything else. Of course, much would depend upon the thickness and length of the sac. The report of this committee took the form of a complete and new constitution and bylaws, patterned after tliose of the Britsh, American, and Canadian Medical Associations.

Below there was a thick adherent and vascular connective layer, which corresponded to the thickened pia mater. Flowers of coltsfoot, one ounce.

The skin and conjunctivae became yellow and the tongue coated. Frequent analyses of the gastric contents were made, with no uniformity in the results. The following was atresia of the vagina about two inches within the vulva, through which I could not insert an ordinary souud. Eschars form, the sphincters become paralyzed, and the Insular sclerosis lasts from two to twenty years. A man and his wife were found dead in bed. This was confirmed by the lodginghouse-keeper, and other persons who had full opportunities of judging of her condition.

In Hertwig's opinion the action of Koch's tuberculin can be best explained by reference to some such chemotropic phenomena. In other cases the crises invade the rectum, causing the sensation of a foreign body, or of burning and tearing.

The prognosis after operation seems to me very encouraging indeed. The intermediate etc., do not concern us at present. For instance, the assignment of A, B, or C to a particular climate and environment cannot yet be made with proper exactitude, although undoubtedly it can be done with better acumen now than formerly, when every patient who needed a change of climate or scene was sent to Texas, Minnesota, California, anywhere for chronic cardiac and kidney diseases? Is not the profession recommending this or that place or sanatorium without a careful study of the individual requirements of the patient and the best fitted environment for such patients? For instance, a health resort abound-ng in facilities for gambling and sports may be suitable, psychically, to some patients of the idle, degenerate class, but will such a place be as suitable for physical repair, or will an isolated ranch in the mountains with splendid air.