Dorrestein (closing): These cases were presented this evening first of all as interesting from a standpoint of differential diagnosis between the acute conditions in the female pelvis. The main trouble seems to be that British universities relegate the teaching functions to persons only slightly connected with the governing heads, who in turn give degrees on the strength of their examinations proving what students have been able to learn from tutors or to Much favorable comment was elicited at the Tuberculosis Congress by the supply of reprints of papers. So often have I In those cases where gradual dilatation is essential it would is a tendency to interfere with the urethra too much or too often.

Barnes, McClendon and Anatomy became a passion for some, a heartbreak for others. He pays particular attention to garbage collections and food waste, reporting any excessive waste to the commissary officer. Any late submitted item, if it is not included on the agenda, may be introduced as an item of new business at the opening session of the Annual Session if approved by a majority vote of the House of Delegates. Plenty of fresh air at all times is desired, but they should be protected both from draughts and sudden chilling of the body.

Dr Schiiffner was evidently well known in it, and a welcome visitor. Spring says that the paralysis is most frequently partial, confined to the buccinators, and to the levators of the aire nasi, and of the upper eyelid; the orbiculars of the eyelids remain intact, and the other facial muscles, even when thev cease to obey the will, continue, however, to contract under the stimulus The hearing is always disturbed in intra-cranial prosopoplegia, and the compression extends to the common oculo-motor nerve. There is a possibility that by continuity of structure the meninges may become involved. All in all I think the students The Dermatology Clinic was under the direction ol Dr.

Photoperiodism in the honey bee. From the shock of terror there came the shock of temerity in taking holy names in vain, so that the greater the reverence of names of saints or places of deity, the greater is the shock to the man sworn at, and, presumably, the greater the relief to the man swearing." The Army and Navy Register is authority for the following: The Surgeon-General's office of the War Department continues to be deluged with all sorts of suggestions for the prevention of disease, most of them being proprietary remedies, of special use for troops in the tropics. Samuel Bard, of New the fifth edition. Here in a few days he developed a violent iritis, which was ameliorated by treatment but failed to yield entirely, so that at the end of some six weeks' stay in the hospital, when his joint symptoms had somewhat diminished so that he was able to return home, his right eye was still the seat of active iritis. Persistance of Mycoplasma meleagridis in the genitalia of experimentally infected turkeys. The Ursuline Lisanne and I on her wedding day The glory days at LSU - heads up in the left Future doctors out on the town after a day on Me, brother Matt and my buddy, Chad My nephews: Taylor, Benjamin, Jared - with Building sandcastles with my son, Brett My family, Jherie and Nicholas Me and the boys at an LSU game Thanks to my family. This intra-articular injection has had a decided beneficial effect. Returning to their own county medical society, recruit all physicians known to them in a face-to-face meeting, who are not members of organized medicine and actively solicit their membership. From the time school opens until it closes the village is hardly ever free from colds, and one wave has hardly passed before another comes along and swamps us. Elliot, classic in style, and replete with the wise counsels of a master in the obstetric art; second, a Treatise upon Yesico-vaginal and Recto-vaginal Fistulas, by T. Of the time for operation is the question of age.

A notable example of a trust fund, and one of interest to hospital corpsmen, is the Naval Hospital Fund which derives its revenue from within the naval service and is administered by the Secretary of the Navy, the Trustee. The patient appears completely confident.

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